A highlight from Creating a Foundation for Change: A Conversation with Rich Roll

Blazing Trails


I'm here with blazing trails producer rachel levin. We are the team that brings you blazing trails rachel. How's it going first of all michael. It's rachel van. i can't. I cannot say we were just talking and you're saying how it's incredible that we've been working together so closely and we have never met each other. That's right welcome to twenty twenty. It has been a crazy year. Can we just pretend that actually never happened. I don't think we can and in fact we're doing something over this month of december to help us deal with the reality is twenty twenty and the upcoming twenty twenty one. Rachel tell us about what we got plan for our episodes in december. Yeah well we're going to bring our listeners. A real treat we're gonna bring you guys episodes from our be well together series and this is a series. That really looks at mindfulness. And how we can take care of ourselves both body mind and soul and you know. I'm a journalist Michael so sometimes is woo. Content isn't really me. But i have to say these talks. Were really helpful and really inspiring. Yeah it's wonderful really thoughtful and helpful content that the whole be well while this team led by. Jody kohner here at salesforce is put together. And we're really excited to be able to share some of this content. Can you tell us about. Who we're going to hear from your. We're going to hear from rich role. He's an ultra athlete bestselling author. We're going to get an ice therapy session. From esther parral she's a world. Famous world renown psychotherapist. And we're going to hear some words of wisdom from alonzo. King phenomenal artist than someone who really can close out the year with some really nice perspective. Okay breaker will thank you so much for that preview and thanks for joining us today and there's much more be well together.

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