Recapping Valorant's First Strike Tournaments From Around the World

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Fowler was relieved the summer. All the competitions have been ones that e Sports organizations paid to host. And while these events have produced Some solid moments. All eyes have been on Riot for how they'll begin to craft and Esports structure around the popular town. The first step was last weekend most likely of Legends Riot would worldwide with the first set of tournaments holding Seventeen tournaments in different regions around the world almost all were brand as first strike been the region so first strike and then a first strike you first by Korea et cetera, et cetera a few others were incorporated into other existing events like the ESL Thailand championship and mine skeevy XV wage. The notable Omission was China because the game hasn't been approved by the Chinese government yet. So that left three major regions any you and Korea each of these regions had the biggest prize pool for First Strike with 100 Grand a piece. We're still in a period of time where teams are figuring out who the best players are so big orgs are not yet dominating like they will in a few years in Korea Vision Strikers took down tnl Esports. Both teams were created specifically to compete in Ballarat and have no other rosters or prior history according to League pedia in Europe. The winter is recognizable as team. Heretics grab first. Second place was summoned F250 Valerie team looking for an org and but they find one and it was too big fan favorites who competed for the title as 100 thieves btsm the entire group of first strike in a was actually really big box. It feels like the only region that had that in addition to thieves and TSM. There were also Sentinels Renegades Envy FaZe Clan T1, and Immortals viewership was good to write games allowed KO streaming down. The fans can watch individual players perspectives big names like myth and ninja commanded solid audience during first strike n a it's too early to say whether or not Valerie will be successful. But this event went well things considered anecdotally the game was fun to watch even though I'm not a huge shooter fan. Normally, it seemed a bit less hectic than OverWatch. Even if it was sometimes hard to follow the action. That's something that every game goes through during first few broadcasts. It's just really hard to figure out what they should be prioritizing on air if Valerie is successful. We can say we witnessed a crucial moment in the birth of a new sport this past weekend.

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