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Mark. So you appeared on The Voice 10 as the open Sorcerer And for those that may didn't that might not have had the chance to join us introduce yourself and tell us where that name comes from. Okay. So Mark Tucker, I've been doing software development for a long time but started doing voice Dev in June 2016 is when I discovered that existed and immediately I started creating things on GitHub for other developers as they started learning and and I just kept that going. So now what I'm talking about content on social media or you know things about my favorite framework, which is jovo or just speech mark down just number of different open source projects that are in the voice C that I've created or participated on and it just want to share information and get it out there and some open-source work amazing amazing. And anybody that spends any time off. And social media will know that you are extremely active on social media. Particularly Twitter is where I've seen you the most I don't know if that's the one that you've seen two most active on but you're always so generous with your help and helping people out and such a great spirit. And that's one of the things that I really love about the work that you're doing. And so so thank you I'll be have for the community. Thank you so much. I just like to share I think whatever we can do to get more information out in the community the I learn from you you learn from me and we can just make this so high grow bigger by everybody an effort into it. So sharing I think is the best policy wonderful and that's yeah, I agree with you a hundred percent. That's how we strengthen the community. So speaking of a great for you feel that way. Yes, we are young Eric because I know I know personally I've referred people to you cuz like they have a question. I'm not a developer. I'm not a developer. I know he's not a developer. He's he's got a lot of a lot of brains up their page. But not a you are not a computer scientist, correct? Correct me if I'm wrong and correct me if I'm wrong. I'm waiting for my honorary doctorate in computer science. One day I won't deserve it. I won't deserve it off but I might get it. There you go. But the point is that whenever I get those questions that I just simply don't know the answer to I I tend to refer them to you cuz I know that they're going to be in great hands. So thank you again Mark and Jacob speaking of that another way that you are reaching out to the community is through your podcast which is relatively new and tell us about that cuz that's really exciting. Yeah. So Alan first American I created a podcast and it's also available on YouTube. It's called to voice devs. So it's interesting that we've we came across each other down in conferences and just met each other but really just had small conversation and then it was the pandemic and voice lunch and then just getting involved there. We we talked more and we just discovered how long Some ways we're we're a lot alike. And in other ways we're completely different and it's just awesome. You know, he he likes Coke. I like Pepsi he lives in the Northeast. I live in the southwest. He is a Google developer expert and I'm an Alexa champion in Bixby Premier developer and we talked about voice stuff. So we just finished up episode 13 wage. It's out actually was released earlier to today and we just get on and we have such a great time. Nothing scripted. We just pick a topic and we start talking about it and we try wage Explorer. You know, how does Alexa handle this? How does Google handle it? What do we like? What do we you know don't like and we just talked and we end up most times talking for almost an hour. We're just kind of get into it and just a lot of fun. It's not you know, it's it's technical. It's not a you know code follow-through. It's just us talking about tech and and development from a voice developer perspective dead. It's amazing. And so when you sit down to do one of those podcast, do you guys have any type of agenda or is it really just whatever comes to mind? So we always have a segment at the beginning where we can talk about. You know, how long that we've learned or did during the last week something that's top of mind but in other than picking the topic for the week, we just have a shared Google sheet. And we said well, let's talk about this on Monday. And we usually record on Monday mornings and just get on with that the topic and go from there. Right? Right. Do you take questions from the community? Have you thought of that like Thursday? We're open to it. You know, we're still figuring out this joint podcast thing, you know cross country. We would love to have guests on or talk about a specific topics that people that are are watching have and and we started doing getting some of that feedback mostly, you know, DMS through Twitter or comments on on YouTube. Yeah, we're open 2 to talk about topics that people have our our share things that other people learn to. Yeah, right, right and speaking of you developing and things I'm working on. So can you tell us some of the things that you're excited about that you're working on these days. Yeah. So I've got stuff that I'm working on privately that that's you know projects that are just my thoughts. I've got some side things that I've working on with other people and I've got my full-time job so full-time. I'm work for a company called sore and we our goal is to uplift humanity and we have an Alexa skill and the Google action that allows you to listen to uplifting content and we're working on processes so that you can upload your own personal audio and so just you know, whatever it is that you want to listen to or you know scrape from a website and within a few minutes. It's available to play back on Alexa with transcriptions and. Searching capabilities. So that's what I do for my my full-time job and we've got lots of different features. We're building into that earlier this year released number spies, which was a game that I did kind of a genre. It's not just a voice app. It's goes outside of a voice app and I'm working on another one that's cross-platform the home we'll have ready in November, but that's still in the secret mode and then got a side company that I am working for. We created a bath Alexis killed called home number if you think about having your own, you know home phone number and being able to give that number out and and not necessarily share your mobile number where it can be bound or whatnot. You can create your own personal home number and you can think of your Alexa device as your answering machine. So any inbound voice calls that you get we record wage And then you get a notification on Alexa that you have an incoming voice message and you can go ahead and listen to that. It also can accept text messages so that you and you can do the same thing. You'll get notified when you get a text message that that number and then you can send outbound text messages and voice and phone calls. So all three relax advice. What do you go at Gian? That's that's I I he's how do you get the number like so there's a website when you go ahead and sign up on our website. We generate a phone number for you. And then you just hook up your Alexa device your electric bill with with that account. And now you've got that number. You also have your your own mobile number. So for example on the outbound phone calls, you can't initiate those through Alexa, but you can use your web-based address book to go ahead and make a phone call out to somebody and what it does is it will call your phone your mobile phone and the other person and make a connection, but the phone call looks like it comes from a home number. So all they know about is the home number that you give them.

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