Apple promotes redesigned iPad Air


Couple of IPAD air four things. Yes. I got the sixty four gigabyte model so. I did look at the next model up you know and I consider style. You know what? It's like. Now, this thing I'm going to use this thing for like know web browsing video calling kind of second screen stuff. You know maybe reading reading a book I've I've done a thing before like I have an an. An E book. And I like read through it on the Elliptical. So that's before I plan on it and I also enjoy IPAD usage of watching movies on on the treadmill having that Beijing time I think I'll use this with fitness plus when it comes out because. The phones kind kinda small for that I've. I think so. I don't think suboxone bringing an IPOD and like and put it over a machine that you're using. Invasive. I'm yeah. Yeah. I have no plans to add three hundred dollar magic keyboard to choose a six hundred dollar. Same thing with the Pencil of a pencil is a wonderful a wonderful tool. It's really nice and how they work with the flat sided ipads. I've had both pencils and I've even made like my sticker pack years ago. The president's will cigarette packs easing the pencil like manipulate images. Of already, like it was a little bit is buying it of Lake Michigan Pencil to but no, I didn't do that and I've found that just having no writing on paper and everything is fine for me for that. So that's fine. Too Expensive really lie. True. If he was sixty bucks then I'd just like sixty bucks I'll use it our own but you know if they gave back down to ninety nine where the first one. Was Priced out like one twenty, nine for an for a style accessory is is it very nice so? That is a lot of money to spend accessory. And then I had a moment yesterday where of is having to think mentally like windows on the stuff come out and like what dates are the important dates and so just had to go through and like put them in the calendar is like this is a preorder date and this is a release date. And that made me realize Oh oh yeah. The pilot mini. The same time as a phone twelve many or pro Max. But it comes out of that Friday after the the next Monday after so. They said the week of that. Oh. Yeah might not be the Monday. So that's that's that's awesome

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