Definitely not better off without Odell Beckham. You


To be a tough defensive battle between the Rams and the Bears interception, his first of the season, and it comes in the end zone. Odell Beckham get some bad news. Incredibly disappointed for him. No injuries or part of this game, But I just hate to see that they're definitely not better off without Odell Beckham. You can lose his starting job. I have to get better about what does it look like a different person? Why didn't age five years in five weeks? What must have raised tonight in game 62 stay alive. We're gonna get aggressive tomorrow. If we could somehow get a lead limit them. We have some of the big guys in the back in the bullpen. Its not your die. I think that's just mind says we're gonna do everything we can to win. This is SportsCenter all night. J. Reynolds. Is this the last time we've seen Odell in Cleveland? Straight ahead. SportsCenter all night, ESPN radio, ESPN app Sirius X M Channel 80 Week seven of the NFL wrapping up with a couple of NFC teams. Vying for the top spots in their respective divisions, bears trying to hang with the Packers and the NFC North Rams. Certainly in the mix and that tight NFC West Rams strike first in this one. They're the only scoring play of the first quarter. Jared Golf with a four yard touchdown toss to Josh Reynolds. No relation. Teams would trade field

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