When Andy Dalton was He wasn't knocked out but knocked


Line not going after Jon Bostic. When Andy Dalton was He wasn't knocked out but knocked Knocked into last Tuesday. My mom used to say stuff like that. With that helmet to helmet hit. He was groggy. He didn't feel good at all, he said At the time, he had to be walked off the field and he's in concussion protocol. So why did the offensive line go ballistic? And come to his aid. Now there are times when I have been in this very chair, saying If you lose your head In the heat of emotion. And you retaliate. You do you're team no good. I still say that Your best call in most cases. Is to not Draw your own flag. Because you lost your cool, um one after on opposing player. But there wasn't a whole lot of emotion, and many people have noted that and feel like that's a statement about the Dallas Cowboys. Will Mike McCarthy. He was asked about it on Sunday and then again on Monday. The defense of coordinator Mike Nolan. He had his own 2020 moment that is going to be a candidate for the Hall of Flame. So you hear that coming up a cz? Well, but just in general, so much attention on the Cowboys so much attention on Mike McCarthy there, even people calling for him to be fired now

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