5 TEMPTING Signs She's Emotionally Attached To You


Five signs that she's emotionally attached to you. Hi guys. I'm a pony Aponte. I am or dating relationship and life coach and I am your coach to help you master your attraction skills better relationships understand love and relationships and better overall your life and we are going to talk about the five tempting signs to know if a woman is an emotionally attached to you now, I want to talk about healthy attach emotional attachment and not too healthy emotional attachment before we get into these signs. Now the signs that I'm going to be providing you are hopefully the five signs of emotional healthy attachment. So healthy emotional attachment means that there's a secure attachment style meaning I have embodied interdependence in my relationship. But I also embody a loving relationship with my partner. There is a difference of attachment hear someone loves their life and loves their relationship and loves their outer World their Hobbies their business, whatever the case may be where they have emotions towards everything. One of these characteristics but one every one of these characteristics is not attached to their own self-worth. Now unhealthy emotional attachment is when someone is attached to you because they are in a toxic relationship meaning manipulative behaviors may happen or that they are emotionally attached beneath their happiness is attached to this relationship. So emotions always kind of go up and down and that's what I'm not talking about here in this video. The healthy signs is what I want to talk about to really get you guys in that state of healthiness and your relationships. Now five signs that she is emotionally attached to you. Number one. She always constantly talks about how she feels about you. She talks about how you make her feel the things that you do great. The things that have impacted her the things that she loves about you and she's constantly feeding basically a log Compliments to you not every woman will do this. Even if they are emotionally attached depends on their love language and also their style of communication, but that's one number two is she is always talk about things that she wants to do with you and the future right? So she's planning something. It could be children. It can be buying a house. It could be moving in together. It could be better in whatever it is. They impact and better your life like as a vision right traveling constantly together. Now, this is not meaning that oh, she sees you as a friend and she's always travelling with you know, I'm talking about when you're in this relationship. There's some type of Seduction that's coming into play there some type of intimacy that's coming into play you have this type of intimacy already established. She is emotionally attached in this way because of that fact that her emotions are showing you that she's providing for an idea of the future right? She's thinking about the future with you number three is showing that a woman is emotionally attached has dead. She questions when she doesn't hear from you, right but in a good way not like where were you last night? That's not what I mean be like babe. I missed you last night. I didn't hear from you. I know you were out with the boys, or I know you were out in your playing chess with your in your competition or playing basketball last night and went to sleep early but I missed hearing from you and she constantly reassured you that she misses you right she misses back from you. She misses XYZ. She misses something about you that is really important because women are very vocal about sometimes how they feel especially if they miss you number four is when she wants to spend a lot of time with you and it could just be time doing nothing time watching Netflix or actually time working out doing activities day-to-day activities. She still has a part of her life, but she also works with you to make sure that you guys spend quality time together that you guys do do things together and number five is kind of like the loved one. Which is what I call is acts of service. So she does things that don't benefit her right that only benefit you that are not selfish for her. They're more things that she's doing for you to make you happy to make your life a little bit easier. Let's say you had a long day of work and she comes home and you come home and she orders something like best dinner, or maybe she makes the best in her for you your favorite Jewish or your favorite thing, right? So for example, I know for my partner he has a big online business and when he has his big days like big webinars big speeches big anything, he loves this song banana nut bread and I make it for him on his big days only because I know he's worked so hard and it's so gratifying to come home or when he's done to eat his favorite meal. So this is what I mean is off service has no benefit to me because man, does it take a lot of time to do but I know it benefits him. So that is what I call there's access service involved where she's emotionally attached and that's a really good sign of a healthy attack. It is when someone else provides but doesn't take away from themselves to make you happy to please you and non selfish acts where they don't benefit from it. It's just to help you get better happier, whatever the case may be and there's a healthy Dynamic of this where they do this and crucial moments, or when they do this and moments that they're proud of you about something and they always constantly reassure you to be that better person.

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