Super Spreader Pence, Borat Hits Different 10.27.20 - burst 06


So thinking ahead, the president's homey Michael Caputo. We've talked about him because he got three hundred million dollars for an ad campaign intended to defeat despair of that's a quote with the help of mega-celebrity powerhouses like Dr Ause and Dennis Quaid. Does that for? This is that when you were out, that was like they would just have like Dennis. Quaid would be on a podcast where he talks about like how you know cove it was going to be over soon and like it wasn't as bad as it seemed. Yeah, it's this whole idea that you just it's a despair that's what is connecting. The fact that people get depressed from being locked in their houses to, and therefore we should just be happy and go about our business like nothing's happening. Yeah. Regular visits being geared underpaid you have no health insurance. There's there's poverty abounds regular business at the regular business, right? So anyways Caputo wanted an additional two, hundred, fifty million dollars for a campaign that would provide a cova vaccine to professional Santa clauses ahead of the general public. On my time, and then they would be able to go to work in America's malls by God and promote the vaccine to all the kids who sat on their lap which seems. Doesn't that sound like a Nathan for you bet like? Fully expecting Nathan for you to be like season for Y'all weren't even ready. I got into the Department of Health and human services disguise myself as someone named Michael Caputo. Omits. Cocaine Energy. And, then we're going to, we're going to get the mall Sanchez and they're gonNA kiss already trust them and the fucking parents do to men. If you're like dude, this Santa has been pre vaccinated. Don't worry about it. You know what I mean like off. You'd yeah because what kid wouldn't want an experimental medication that's been rush now. Satisfy satisfy. Excite want a truck. Out. Experimental vaccine instead? Oh. Also, it suggests that the vaccine isn't available to families who don't celebrate Christmas so. And very in keeping with the theme of the trump administration. The reason we found out about this caputo at a call with Rick, Irwin who's the head of the fraternal order of real bearded santas none of that fake beard shit and.

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