Turkish president calls for sweeping boycott of French goods


Interior minister General de Manha has hit back at pressure from Turkey in Pakistan over France's clampdown on Islamists after the beheading of a teacher by a Chechen born militant. He singled out Pakistan and Turkey, which is called for a boycott of French goods his Mike Sanders, John Haldeman and said everyone in France should be shocked. Foreign powers thought French Muslims belong to them. Any French people share his outrage over the killing of the teacher, someone party. It's an article of faith that the state and religion as separate the Interior Ministry is scrutinizing more than 50 French institutions for Islamist leanings. It says it's working with Muslims not against them. But Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya, the killer's birthplace, said that by justifying the teacher's right to show students, cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed France was inspiring terrorists.

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