Widgetsmith: The Calm After The Storm

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Going to keep talking about did Smith because personally I last week or last two weeks ago when we first talked about widgets Smith and it's massive explosion the APP store you know we only had time for thirty minutes of talking about it and it was still very fresh new so I wanna hear Dave I if if you're willing to share with the audience, I want to hear just more about Smith how it's going how it's different now from how it was two weeks ago and maybe how you see it going forward from here now that things presumably. Calmed down a little bit I. Mean I guess I'll start with that? Have they come down a little bit and I would say, yes, they have certainly not to the degree where there was a period of time when everything was is sort of absurdly fast paced in terms of the number of downloads the number of support requests they did the number of places it was being sort of mentioned in the media or whatever that might be like that were there was a period where I couldn't keep track of it and it was just honestly that that period of time sort of a blur at this point that there was a couple of weeks where. It was just too much and while it's not like I wanted you know I I was looking forward to when it die down I'm you know it's nice when you're the number one APP in the APP store that was that was I certainly appreciate it that but I did not expect that to last forever and it it certainly didn't I think last a long time though. I. Mean Right now. Get right now you're number eight in the. US? Chart Number eight free free APP, and so you've been defeated by some little company called facebook and you're still ahead of some other pretty big company snapchat. So you're still doing pretty well. And I'm not complaining I, was more just it's just like he's sort of some context where it's like it was the number one APP for a I. Think it was about two and a half weeks just shy of three weeks It was number two APP for about a week after that, and then now it seems to sort of be hanging out in the top ten and from the download side sort of obviously because I can't control when like zoom has a big surge downloads because some you know school district requires everyone downloaded something like that but on the download side things are now sort of. In this reminds me of many of the early days of the APP store where this was such. The classic curve is you have this giant spike and then you have this kind of lake decay graph where it's Esam Todd approaching some number, and then you kind of end up into a steady state and I had no for this app of where that steady state was going to be but it seems like I found it like it seems like my data my day to day downloads now are relatively stable a relatively consistent and. That sort of a nice feeling that I have a sense of I don't know if this is the bottom of this APP in terms of where it's going to be long term but it seems certainly that I mean a place that it's sort of it's what they would say in the stock market it's found resistance or something like there's a like this seems to be about the kind of daily downloads in the daily support requests and the daily whatever that I can't plan for and expect going forward and it certainly is is a very nice place number eight in the APP stores by is is a is a wonderful place to be. And so that's seems nice and I think is helpful for me to be. Now, as I'm starting to like move forward and to be actually not in like scramble panic mode. But instead to be able to start you know actually. Treating this like a like just one of my normal APPs or I'm working on the next update you on word right now I'm working on version one point one of which Smith. And it's like that's expect that we'll probably come out in about a week or so and it's just I'm not in that the frantic mode anymore because things have kind of settled down, they're still doing very well but it's settled into a place that feels dependable and I, think the only thing that I'm kind of a little bit Have anxiety around from a of where things are perspective is as we're recording probably about three or four days before all the subscriptions for the initial wave of subscribers to the APP. those monthly subscribers are GonNa start coming coming do. and I'm very. Curious to see what that looks like in terms of how many of these people are going to sustain their subscription we're going to keep their subscription Are you know after the after they get charged it? Are they going to cancel? Are they already canceled in? It's not going to renew like I'm curious to see that because. As you know while at this point, what seems like the download side has flattened out and his sort of in a stable place I'd I really realistically can't have can't say that my subscriber base in the business side of the APP is stable Until at least I've had like two months or you know sort of serve to two different charges on the monthly side, and then once I have sense of how the monthly is go, I can probably also start to forecast how the annual subscriptions might go now. So that's sort of where things are with me and I think I'm very intrigued to see what happens in the next week with with with subscriptions but. The reality is even if these subscription renewal rate isn't that great, the new subscriber rate is still reasonable enough that I mean, this is everything is so great and wonderful in that way but it certainly interesting for me to kind of. Wrap my head around what this actually is. GonNa look like going forward. You know when it's I'm not thinking about things on a day to day basis but on a month to month or year to year basis going forward, you don't really know where that baseline is until you reach it. Yeah, I. Think it's interesting I mean you know some something to point out about your your your current status to it's like if this is your baseline number eight in the. Just just for reference that Little Company snapchat that you're beating. They are worth forty billion dollars right now.

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