Consistent with a rare inflammation of the spinal cord. I'm a Donahue A woman was pushed unprovoked onto the tracks


Yesterday around 9:40 A.m., The 28 year old woman was standing on the platform, minding her own business. When a guy came up behind her, then shoved her onto the tracks that attacker got away. A train was not coming. She was not injured by that the woman was Luckily, not seriously physically hurt. It's news time one of six President Trump campaign Friday at the villages in Florida. He said Joe Biden's approach to energy would hurt senior citizens fight his plan would be in America's seniors have no air conditioning during this summer. No. He during the winter and no electricity during peak hours. It's too you know he wants when he wants wind. Biden talked yesterday about the pandemic. Former vice president, Biden says it's time to end what he calls the president's falls claim that the pandemic is going away. There's a key difference in this campaign between Donald Trump and me. I believe in testing. Donald Trump does not. I believe in science, health officials agreeing with former vice President Biden at universal mass requirements and distancing would have saved thousands of lives. That's correspondent Andy Field reporting. Judge Amy Cockney barrettes nomination to the Supreme Court is making its way through the Senate. For three days, The full Senate will debate whether to confirm Judge Amy Cockney Barrett to the Supreme Court. This comes after the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings to vet the president's nominee, and after Republicans on the committee unanimously voted to send her nomination to the full Senate. The Republican majority there is expected to confirm her with the final vote being held on Monday. That is correspondent in this delicate terror Once news time. Wanna wait? Apples so good they make Juicy. Just wait. Taste Citrus Spice. Sweet healthy, You know the other apples.

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