Oracle's Jason Witt on the Partnership Between Creative and Code


Today I'm joined by another Jason Jason Wet I, who is the senior creative director for four x marketing and Ryder Oracle Jason was senior creative director epsilon. In, both rules, Jason leads teams, designers, and developers, writers, hats had strategists, all those people making him out to help clients, deliver more effective email campaigns to subscribers. So welcome to the PODCAST Jason. Thanks for having me excited about the conversation. Awesome. Yeah. So I always like to start things off by hearing about guests I. I guess your career in the marketing world and how you make your way to where you are right now. So can I tell me a little bit about how certain? Email? Marketing Archaic General. Bad I got to work all yet for sure. So it's kind of a long road but. I've been in marketing for almost twenty years now. So I. Started Out in traditional marketing doing you know not so much offline but mostly print direct mail I worked. I worked for an in house agency for quite a while over ten years and so it was interesting coming out of that in into more the agency world and when I started it up Salon I kind of walked into it into a position that would they scratch their head civil. Why do you want to come in and kind of get your hands in the work and it was because email really was a channel that I had it really dug into. I said to be you know really versed in anything I really wanted to get my hands in the work. So I spent about the first year. So really really fine tuning my skills around creatives and then also making those connections with the technology in the platforms that we use today order to send out email and over time I just developed a a larger team underneath me and it just kind of grew from there and and and had some really great successes were some awesome. had a chance to do everything from not only created strategy, but also developing design systems for our clients to use to create efficiencies within their their creative workflows, and so you know one of my I think one of the philosophies sort of carried me now into working at Oracle is that you know there's so many ways for our teams to help our clients. At. You know a large organization like Oracle in your sort of consulting role I think a lot of times and you're working with a client they might have like an. Agency of record or they'll have an internal creative team. And I think it's important for us to kind of walk in and really be able be able to be put our consultant on. Be. Able to just say, Hey, look, we're an extension of your team. How can we help you and we help our clients in a variety of ways and I find that really rewarding because there's some some clients will dig in and we'll do one or two campaigns There's other clients will help develop. design systems for their email programs and then other folks that we have is retained clients that we work with every all day so. It's been. It's been a fun journey to get here I'm really excited about being at Oracle and supporting the platforms in the services that we have to provide but I've definitely worked with so many great people in the industry for a long time an and that's been really great as well. Yeah Awesome So I'm pedicures way your typical client base looks like at or these days as mostly on the retail side or during the lobby to be. Folks in your across. Yeah. You know it's interesting at Oracle, because we have sort of this mixed, right we have to platform. So we've got responses and then have Alachua and eloquent tends to be more on that beat Abi side and You know it's a little bit more hands off of the L. A. Clients just because the fact that they're they typically, you know are smaller to mid sized companies. So they most likely won't engage in some of the more I would say costly services you know they're really kind of hitter budgets there can be to be, but we do have a fair amount of clients that we work with their You know to support to support their campaigns there, and then on the responses side where it's more beat see, we have everything from retail financial services, hospitality, which has been a tough year. US Battalion we've had we've had some rough times here, but you know financial services technology companies retail has has been interesting over the last. I'd say six months we really been Asia retail as Dave shifted and sort of pivoted their business models to adapt to what's going on in the world So had a fair amount of work and retail.

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