Are You Treating Your Employees Like Customers?


It's the no BS marketing show. I'm Dave mastovich CEO and founder of maths Solutions your no bullshit marketing firm business to employee communication b2e or be too. Long story telling is a critical part of every Leader's job including mine. The first step in b2c communication is committing to treat employees the same way you treat customers. You need to treat employees the same way you treat customers. So, you know that you really strive to keep customer satisfied. You want to listen to customers you want to understand what your customers are thinking and feeling and what they see as your strengths and competitive advantages your unique selling proposition. What you need to feel the same way about employees. You do market research on your customers. You're asking them what they think you're listening. You're observing you're watching you're seeing the trends. Have you done marketing research with and on your employees? I'm not talking about the quick online survey done once a year. That's okay or the more difficult survey that has 15 20 Questions when it should have four or five five again. Those are okay. But I'm talking about real market research real marketing Intel qualitative market research done on an ongoing basis. You probably actually have the makings of some good qualitative market research from what you're already doing. You and your leadership team are talking to team members on an ongoing basis. Take this step come up with three questions for at the most that you're going to have that leadership team asked of individuals and groups but individuals primarily and going to listen to the answers and come back and jot them down somewhere. That's the making of providing you Trends and insights about your employees and that's the makings and the starting point for your marketing and tell your market research just track what you hear off and you'll start to see Trends and you'll gain insights that you didn't have but you also should partner with someone who can be a strategic partner from the outside to do qualitative market research at least on an annual basis with your employees employees are going to tell leaders a lot, but they'll tell even more to an outside party and the employees feel that way. Caring even more about them by asking and have that outside party. Ask the care that you asked to. But they'll also care that you had someone else to it and you'll gather so many additional insights to help with your internal Communications your marketing to external audiences you're selling efforts and even your overall operations another step that leaders don't often realize can benefit them and their companies involves drinking down your employee segments with multiple variables. Don't think about that while we're all individuals. We also share some commonalities based on life experiences and our current situation digging into those variables can help you to better understand your team and also help you to better communicate with your team. Your engagement goes up as does your trust when you're able to tailor messages to said of employees your message resonates more

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