Faith Is First in Your Heart, Then In Your Actions


Say is i in your heart and it's got to get in your mouth. Second corinthians five seven we walk by faith we regulate our lives and conduct ourselves bar conviction our belief respecting man's relationship to god and divine things. Thus we walk by faith and not by sight our appearance so faith is not something that you have. Because you see something that convinces you. It's not even something that you have because you believe. Are you feel something that convinces you but it's something you i have in your heart. That's why many times you believe something that doesn't make any sense at all to your mind. Don't have any people here today. That you've got something in your heart. You believe god wants to do in your life and you can back it up in the word but to your natural mind it makes no sense at all. How about somebody. Who just you don't see any way that you're believing could ever possibly happen. Not we'll see. That's why you need this message because there's not enough doug you know if you're not believing for the impossible then you're not open for miracle in your life the only way you're ever going to get a miracle is if you have to have one if you need one when you stop depending on everything else around you and believe that only god can help you. Luke chapter five the first five versus i share these scriptures often because i think that make such an amazing point and so i wanna share them in this message now at occurred while the people pressed on jesus to hear the message of god it was standing by the lake of genetic the sea of galilee jesus standing by a lake and there were all kinds of people around who wanted to hear what he was saying. I guess a little bit like today. We got lake out there. Somewhere and Here you are. In here i am. I'm preaching and you want to hear the word of god. And he saw two boats that were there at the lake but the fisherman had gotten out of the boats and they were washing their nets. They'd been fishing all day and they were finished the day and so he got into one of the boats. One that belong to simon peter and he asked him to draw a little bit from the shore. Now you might not understand why it could have been because the crowd was pressing him in too much but one of the things back then. They didn't have the microphone on the sound system that i've got but when you speak over water it carries that sound a lot more than if you're not so jesus got out a little bit into the water. I guess so. He didn't get pressed by the people would also so the sound would carry better got into one of the boats. The one that belonged to peter and he said to him pull out a little bit from the shore. He finished his message. And then he said to peter put out into the deep and lower your nets for hall. So here's the thing. Simon peter's master we fished all night were exhausted. And we didn't catch a thing. Well some of you've been doing that you've been fishing half airline for something and you haven't got anything yet. Well maybe it's because you haven't been fishing deep enough. Come on remember. My is not talking about christians that are attached but not committed. Paper used dating jesus but not married when make a full commitment. Something different happens in our life. So i've been fishing all night. They didn't catch anything. they were tired. They wanna go home. And jesus said now i want you to go out a little bit deeper. Maybe you've about given up on your dream. And god's saying to you to date nope not yet don't give up. Just keep believing one more time one more time. Maybe some of you need to pick your own dreams up and dust them off and believe that god can do great things

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