‘Hear Us Out’: Philadelphia Gym Owners Joining Forces To Push Back Against Latest Shutdown


Dozens of Philadelphia area gym owners have come together to challenge the city's recent covert 19 restrictions that have shut their businesses through the end of the year. Okay. What abuse Community Affairs reporter Terry Greg? It tells us she hears from a gym owner who says that many are on the brink of shutting down for good. Jamie Sudden is co owner of James Fitness. She's part of the Philadelphia Fitness Coalition of Group of about 30 Fitness studio owners in the city. What is this done for your business? And what changes have you made? We had two studios and unfortunately we've come down to one because we had to shut it down. We've done changes. As far as we have masks mandated. We have social distancing in place. We take temperatures. We have even increased cleaning. From what we previously had. We have reduced capacity of our numbers, and we have zero transmission in our gyms. We have followed the rules that the city put in place and they are working. And we'd like to continue to be able to do that. Why did you form this coalition? We felt like we were left to our own devices from the city without any help. You know, Some people have rent deferment from landlords and some don't And so this is a really great way for us to come together to have a collective to figure out how we can work towards keeping everyone safe and keep our businesses open. The gym owners say their track 318,000 visits discovered 33 positive covert 19 cases and zero transmissions inside of there, Jim back to you. That's Kay. Whatever used Terry Greg, our community affairs reporter with Maura on what Jim's air dealing with right now. Trying to deal with this covert 19 outbreak

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