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Does that look like? Clunking it up. So what? It looks like his first of all you got to see these gear set as a voter. You never see. And suddenly we start hearing last week that pressure is mounting on something that I'd never heard of. In 20 years of covering politics. There's canvassing board and Wayne County. Every county has a canvassing board the runs through this process in this Wayne County canvassing board. It's a four member board to Republicans. Two Democrats. Very low level party members is coming under immense pressure from the trump world to refuse to certify the vote Thies to board members who are Republicans of being told you you must because of these tiny discrepancies. Not certified this vote, and if they don't this will be a big problem. This really why? Why would that matter so much, because then Michigan's ability to certify its vote and send its Delegates to the actual colleges hindered. This is a major county. But even any county would cause this problem on we learned a thing about these two Republicans on the Wayne County canvassing board. In fact, they are ardent. Trump supporters, and they are fully buying into this idea that fraud is rampant. And in fact, one of these two William Hartmann, his Facebook page was filled with conspiracies about fraud in this election, thinks they're just objectively false. It's in their hands the future of democracy in Michigan. Hmm. And sure enough when it comes time to certify to Republican County officials in Michigan's largest county, which includes Detroit, refused to certify the election results. In that county. They say we can't certify these two Republicans. So now that board is going to be deadlocked. Well, you have extracted a black city out of a county and said the only one that I have sought. At issue is the city of Detroit, where 80% of the people who resigned here are African American trade. Voters are not going to go along with this that there's hundreds of people in this meeting. And these two Republicans reverse course and they vote to certify and that would be that lo and behold, who caused them. But the president of the United States Calls the two members of the Wayne County canvassing

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