S2 E03: The power of discipline

State of Mind


And reveal himself to the world tim. Our was born and raised more the toughest neighborhoods in west berlin during the nineteen eighties. The problems i grew up with his was a big lack of discipline. It was like going to school. If it comes eight nine. I give a shit you know. I didn't have respect for for the great teachers. I had but i was a fucking osceola that time. I was dumb bald. So because i didn't understand that they gave me a software for the rest of my life. You know like talking french. I didn't went to the teacher. Because i don't like him stupid asshole like i was. He definitely was a street kid and he does not come from a loving caring family as sach and there wasn't much money so i think he very early on undestood in order to make it out there on the street. You have to earn respect. My name is ursula. Heintz among and i'm born and bred berliner was ally is a berlin-based food journalist who said a close eye on tim career from the very beginning i think also very early on hinder stood that you had to make it somehow in order to eat and to eat like a bit more in a bit better than the others. Eventually tim knew that he had to get away from the streets and changes life drastically and for that. He needed to learn a craft. As tim started to work in the kitchen. Striving to make a mark in the restaurant scene he started to value and appreciate the paul one thing discipline from the very start. It was a tool that kept him focused on his goal to become one of the best chefs in germany and eventually he had become obsessed with discipline means for if i go up in the morning i directly do the bat directly take care about the phone check so now you have to go to bass so it means you have ten minutes for that so i go for the for the alert and put it on ten minutes. I do males for at least two hours on. I'm always checking that. It's two hours that it's not to fifteen or one forty five if i've two hours two hours and discipline also means preparation be prepared in my mind is to me one of the most important things. Let's say if i go to the cruise ship. I know what to do. I know where. I have to go. And i think the entire day means i know tomorrow i have to stand up at five thirty after. Take the plane at seven. I have to organize the car. I go to the ship is. The papaya is the seminar. What happened if they don't have like last time the sun would kind of fish. You can use your also cook it and steamed like before or do it in a roth version. So that anything that could happen. I have a different plan for on. I always looking also for plan a. b. and c. and this makes me very powerful looking back. It almost seems like tim regrets. Not having learned the value of this level of discipline sooners life. The problem i had why it needed me so long to get a michelin star. And all the other wards was that. I never worked was a legend in the kitchen. So the problem was that. I i never had a kind of a mentor. Coach showed me about the mistakes. What you can do wrong. And i made every mistake. I made everything what you can make wrong. I fucked up places. Like the first place i become head chef had to close six months after i became a chef but nowadays tim wants to be in control of every aspect. I don't want. I control every fucking detail in everything you know. Whatever i do and this. I had to learn

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