Massive unemployment fraud found in California prison system, prosecutor says


Has been sending unemployment checks to some of the state's most notorious serial killers. Under a fraud scam so large it could hit a billion dollars. KCBS reporter Holy Kwan explains. The statewide taxpayer rip off was uncovered in the same motel county jail. The fraud seems so easy. It couldn't possibly be true, but prosecutors say inmates would use real or fake names and real or fake Social Security numbers to file claims in the names of Scott Peterson or Cary Stayner or 131 other death row inmates. $420,000 paid out so far to those claims 140 million so far paid the other bogus claims in jails and prisons. SAN Mateo County D A. S T. Wagstaff uncovered the tip of the iceberg by prosecuting 22 suspects, some of whom were already facing murder charges. But under e. D. D rules those claims were still being paid. The money would keep coming. It was still coming, even though we knew at that point It was the massiveness of the DDT workload that prevented them from using any having any ability, try and stem things like this. The name could have been George Washington, Abraham Lincoln. Nobody would've picked anything out. Plus, California doesn't have a system to crosscheck names against those deemed ineligible, he says. The really offensive part is hearing about all the out of work, people who could use those jobless benefits and knowing They're going to inmates across the state. Holly Kwan

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