Golf's Biggest Winners of 2020


All right. Sean it has been quite the year. it's not over. I'm not saying it's over. But i am saying we're here to get ahead of all those year end lists of winners losers best of we're tackling it midway through november where we winners this year. Did we win. I'm not confident that we were. There was a moment in the middle of september where you hung out with bryson into shambo after. He warned the. Us open lumberton potato. The me i'm gonna finish that offers a little bit pizza or game. We proceeded to miss a flight about six hours later. Yup and yet we were somehow still able to make it. Torrey pines south and talk to a bunch of the best golfers in the world in the next twenty four hours. Is the drop zone peaked. In twenty twenty. I think we had to peak. Then you the major winner. We go to play the next. Us open course at sunset. We have a great little afternoon at torrey pines. And then we hang out with zander and burger and morikawa and just korda the next day. And so yeah. That's where that's where we won. That's a really strong point. We didn't we didn't get to perform on the course as much as we like to in a typical year. But hey we're we're not really here to bring our golfed the people it's not about us you know who it's about it's about patrick. Reed patch agreed is by far one of the biggest winners of twenty twenty. All right start off years number one winner. Patrick reed defend yourself is one of the biggest losers of twenty nineteen. You'll remember that. He got stuck in some bunker fiasco in december of two thousand nineteen and we thought that it was gonna follow him alone for the entire year is is is swinging. You thought that people are gonna continue yelling at him while he was playing like. They did during his playoff in hawaii. David ferte call him. Captain oblivious which i thought was a great little nickname. Peter costas was telling people. I've seen patrick reed improve his lie in the rough numerous times and yet here we are twenty twenty. And we don't even do anything about this. We joke about it. We don't care about it. Patrick reed one in mexico. He contended i think you can say he contended at the. Us open he missed one cut after the restart. He's a winner this year. Because we don't care about what happened in past. This is where the phrase bigger fish to fry comes in our biggest problems. Man what a great time to be alive. Last december where our biggest worry was patrick. Reed kind of messing around in a waste. Bunker in the bahamas life was pretty good So yeah i mean. I think that that's a pretty fair one because look we just. Don't even talk that much about patrick reed right now. He's sneaky number eleven in the world. He's gonna be back on the us ryder cup team. If he if he keeps up you know his current run and play. He's been damn good.

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