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Old Mayor de Blasio and first lady. Surely McRae met well. Both were working as aides to Mayor Dinkins City Council member Fernando Cabrera renewed his call to rename the Washington Bridge that connects Manhattan and the Bronx at 181st Street after Mr Dinkins wins news, time of 5 31. Time for traffic and transit for your commute Here is Elliot Koschman. Okay. Thank you very much, Lorie. We're gonna have for Manhattan where? The North bound side of the Henry Hudson Parkway Right before the George Washington Bridge. You have a crash blocking at least one lane there then you have the South bound Deegan just cleared over by 230th Street that we had an accident, blocking at least one lean in that area. Still seeing delays in the North bound New England Thruway 95 over by the Hutch. Of an earlier accident that has been cleared. Watch for crashing Connecticut on 95. Connecticut Turnpike North bound over by exit 14 Fairfield Avenue in Norwalk, right, lane and shoulder are knocked out over there. Here's what we see how Long Island's Big Three Just a lot of delay is all over on the L I e. Northern State Southern State Parkway stopping go for the rush hour this evening. In New Jersey Watch for a disabled vehicle in the Garden State Parkway North Bound south of Exit. 1, 56 and Clifton and Center Lane is blocked there and the West Band side of route to 80 Before exit 13 in Newark. You have a crash, blocking at least one lane. Here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels, seeing some slow traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. Heading outbound to Brooklyn, you have delays in the New Jersey bound George Washington Bridge of about 30 to 45 minutes, New Jersey bound Lincoln and Hodel Holland tunnels. Are running about 30 minutes. Traffic in transit every 10 minutes on the ones breaking alerts whenever they happen. I'm Elliot. Gosh, man on 10 10 with Amazon prime members now get free grocery delivery with the minimum order. You'll get your groceries with two hour delivery.

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