Sen. Patty Murray Won't Commit to Ending Filibuster, But Doesn't Rule It Out if Dems Win Back Majority


After the fight, But Washington's U. S. Senators are tipping their hands. Almost Bill O'Neill has more Senator Patty Murray isn't yet throwing our support behind, ending the Senate filibuster aura pushed and more justices to the nation's highest court. Democratic critics say the filibuster could slow a democratic agenda should the party when the White House in the weeks ahead, the Senate's third ranking Democrat on Murray tells the Seattle Times she's not ruling out major changes but is hoping Republicans will be more cooperative should her party win decisively in November. Marie says the best and most durable legislation has been crafted with support from both sides of the aisle. Meanwhile, Washington's other Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell, is also not publicly backed an end to the filibuster or expansion of the Supreme Court. Colonial

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