Hurricane Delta, Walter M. Sterling Club And Hurricane Laura discussed on Sterling on Sunday


From radio and possession. People movement reaching the lives of million joined the Walter M. Sterling Club sterling on Sunday weather and we need to start with old business first. That's still very current tonight, and that's what's left of former major Hurricane Delta. As you know, making landfall late last Friday, just 13 Miles east of where Major Hurricane Laura landed six weeks ago near Lake Charles, and the destruction I'm afraid is overwhelming. I always recommend the American Red Cross for sending aid through their website. And, of course, Delta has been so much more through the weekend as well. The remnants of the storm generating isolated tornadoes in Georgia flash flooding Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee Now today, even more locally heavy rainfall. Flash flood watch will expire at midnight Eastern down the spine of the Appalachians. The wet impacts will now morphed together with a new Canadian Cold front that tonight has generated a wind advisory over most of the central and northern Plains and will pour cooler air for millions across the Great Lakes and the Northeast starting tomorrow, and some wildfire help with reigns in the Pacific Northwest tonight. Still red flag warnings for the front range and no help for Southern California. 18 wildfires. Currently four majors still burning the glass fire, though 97% contained by the way, is there any other systems out in the tropics right now? We should worry about. Nope. I'm chief meteorologist. Weather reports at six and 36 minutes past the hour all night on sterling on Sunday. Time. Rachel Goldstein, Shabbas and this is the blessed birth of Public radio's usual edition.

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