Philadelphia - Federal judge throws out Trump challenge to Pennsylvania voting


Once again in the news as the presidential showdown in just about 24 days from now another legal challenge in Pennsylvania from the Trump campaign about election procedures. Has been thrown out by a federal judge Cable W's Antoinette Lee reports that the state's attorney general is praising Saturday's ruling. The lawsuit against Pennsylvania argued for signature analyses for mail in ballots They also wanted pull watch is to be allowed to watch over polling places outside of the counties. They live in the use of drop boxes. That was also in question with President Trump's campaign, Citing voter fraud concerns, Judge Nicholas Run, Jin ruled that the campaign did not prove road or fraud and rejected arguments on all three Issues. The most significant part of the opinion is the words dismiss all claims in this case period. Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro referred to the claims as reckless behavior by the president meant to cause confusion and make voters feel powerless. So I urge all voters to ignore the noise and make your planned of all of the different ways you can vote are safe and secure. There's no wrong door here. Which ever way you choose to vote, your vote will be counted. Trump's campaign said it would appeal at least one element of Saturday's ruling and swing It Li K E

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