#474 - Cheering From the Beyond

In The Gate


Could. Go Up to any to force in that day I. don't care who they come from if they're coming from England Italy Dubai. Oh Forza has a legitimate shot. To win no doubt. And and I'll tell you you. You mentioned Chat Brown. Hollywood Derby del Mar. last November. I'm with my buddy already. It's Monday. Chat rows bringing three horses out there. If you could beat them. You got a damn good horse, right? What happened that day? We beat them I think Chad. Brown. House horse came in. Third on mistaken and fourth. On that day. So. I have no issue with our competition whoever it is ring them on because I think our horse is is ready to go and you know there's all sorts of things that happened since we understand that the. Post could be some bumping at the beginning of the star. But. press on them were going to be excited. God Willing we're going to be the hearing no less than a month and you know hope for the best and He's long happy days and came out of the race the city of hope came out in good shape and. Go and. Miller and his bar have done outstanding job preparing this horse so. I know they're all excited to for us. What would a win in the Breeders Cup Mile Means to you. I. Mean. What else can I say? This blessed that Burien Diane, allow you part with them and I'm just enjoying the ride because it's not often that you get a horse. Uh this caliber that could win the multiple graded races and mixed the competition where like basically in a different race. So. For me it would be a dream come true and no for billion by an would be an exciting moment for them and put the Star on top of the cage for Berry. You know he's been around his business for many years. He's trained many horses. He had lots of friends family that are supporting them throughout all of these years of him, battling cancer and Eastone this individual I know because. I know a lot of people would have given up on very Abrams is not He was going to do us to enjoy themselves. Lives by and every time you saw him the track. gave a smile. I saw last December for the office mile. Myself and I and because the code at this year. I I've been You know haven't been able to visit Hammerstein at the track. But he was in good spirits that day of the Baptist bio he brought in the horse into the winning circle I look at that photo every day my wall, my house. And with his smile it just makes me happy that he deserves it. I Know Diane. Deserves it in just on this journey with them? As a friend, a partner in enjoying every moment of an interest. Realize that are I'm blessed in this position and don't take anything for granted and just enjoy the ride because you know I ended up buying another hundred horses in my lifetime I probably wouldn't apply another both Forza. Wish the best of luck in the Breeders Cup and beyond offering Pecoraro. Thank you so so much for a few minutes are. Thank you much. Thank you. Take care. Jockey Club Gold Cup winner happy saver comes from one of the most well known dynasties in business and in racing it's a story that involves cutting seduction on speak violence and one of the most iconic brand names in all the world don't go away. Welcome back to win the game, as you know, two, thousand twenty has been most untraditional year in horse racing that means a summer and all triple crown, which allowed three year olds to race each other without worrying about their elders late into the season. But one three year old who didn't even try any of the triple crown races has thrust his name into the championship picture

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