How to Have More Time for Yourself


Paid for, but the Leadership Conference Education Fund. Twenty five seasons. Five hundred sixty one episodes I believe the Oprah Winfrey show was one of the greatest classrooms in the world a their bottom had met one the Aha moments, the breakthroughs, the connections, the occasional ugly Gra missing. So terribly every single minute to L. O. ELL's. The moments that matter. I oblique light lessons never allow them to take some words else. I'm bringing them back. It's time to open the ball. I personally chosen these classic episodes to share with you. Again, every single person you ever will meet shares that common desire they WANNA know. Do you see me? Do you hear me that's what I say mean anything to you. You're listening to the Oprah Winfrey, show the podcast. This is a really important show. I think I'm trying to cause a shift in thinking for all of you hard working women particularly, those of you who are women who work at home with your children. If you can't remember the last time, you took an hour out of your day to do something just for yourself. I mean really just for yourself for your children or your husband but spent a full hour just doing something for yourself. We have a challenge for you today. Can you hear me? It could be the single greatest thing you do for yourself for your marriage and really ultimately for your children no matter how busy your life is we're going to show you step by step how to find at least one full hour everyday to spend on yourself. Now, if you think it's impossible. What many of you don't realize is that your daily routine is full of things that are actually robbing. You a precious time. So this is a show you should pay attention to I. WE ASK Kathy Peel Author of the Book Be Your Best, the family managers guide to personal success. We ask Cathy to sit down with a group of busy MOMS who admit that they want time for themselves, but you just don't know how to find it and you don't believe there is any time the sound familiar. I'll wake up and I'll be Gung Ho for the kids and making them breakfast. Then I realized though I, don't have time to clean up the kitchen and then I've got a drive kids to school, and so I never feel the accomplishment of finishing a task. It's not good to be a supermom. Complimenting you and they say, you're superman. You think. I don't Wanna do everything. You don't want to do everything, and so I'm trying to get my kids to help, but it seems like when you get them to try to help. Sometimes, you're going backwards. I might as well do it myself. Probably on a daily basis, I lose the goal to take shower by nine. I get up and have every intention of of doing it, and then something happens. How much more can you get in terms of Gaul this isn't rocket science. This is getting into shower. The one thing I thought I was doing for myself was I went back to college yet. It's so hard because I feel everyone else's pain. For me to get something I'm a stay at home work at home. And I feel bipolar. There's always something to do and I fill if I did something for myself that I would be tripolar if there's a thing called. It's not unheard of to see me with you know a headphone with my phone hooked onto my pants running around talking to people and doing my job. But also coloring at the same time and running laundry I'm a stay at home mom and I have a one year old is just so much easier to constantly neglect yourself while everybody else is demanding your attention, I can't find myself anyway, I can find mom. The mother I am I can find the executive I am I can find sometimes find the wife's lover I tried to. Squeeze in I can't find myself now I'm recognizing I've got to find time I am dying here. Janet you said being called a supermom is not a compliment what you mean I think everyone means to compliment you but it also puts the pressure on you to try to do even more because that is the image that somehow people get view and I think once when I, well, as the parents of six, you know there's just a lot to do. But one day we decided we were going to fix the dishwasher ourselves. Because, why not do it and we did it but then I thought, well, why did we think we hid expedition? Because if it's something within your the possibility that you are capable of doing then of course, you should do it yourself not ask someone else to do it. Kennedy's at one of the biggest reasons women don't take time for themselves because it makes them somehow feel selfish. So next you asked our moms a key question do you see yourselves as valuable which is a huge huge question listen to what these women said. I see my children, my husband, my home, even the dogs needs. Coming before my own. I think the reason we put things off or we don't spend the time thinking of ourselves is because we think that the children's needs are more important in our husbands needs are more important and the household needs are more important in order to keep. Status Quo I don't have that motivation. To Take Care of myself. The guilt is what causes me to prioritize myself less or put other people's values ahead of my own, maybe I enjoy being the center. Maybe. It would be that I'm afraid that. I wouldn't be needed I don't know how to stop giving to everyone start giving to myself. It almost feel selfish to think of yourself I. I have those five minutes I'm thinking. WHO HAS CLEAN SOCKS? Dennis needs this who needs that I mean you don't you no longer see anything you lose your beauty I think. A lot of times you can tend to measure yourself against everyone else. And though you don't know what's going on behind people's doors, you thinks that everyone else does a better than you. Even, if I did have the time to be able to sit. And totally not focus on you know anything but you're breathing where the sky or you know I I I don't even know how to begin to empty your mind of all the other things you're thinking about that you need to do. Well I got this email from Tracy Tracy here you here. I think that a lot of you will see yourselves and tracy she says, at first I, thought one of the reasons why I don't make myself a priority now that it just kind of slipped away that I created a pattern of putting myself and after your to repetition the person I thought, I, was just sort of vanished but then I really started thinking back trying to find who I wasn't how I lost. The person I realized I never had a clear picture of who I was a hit always hid within a hectic schedule in order to to think about it. It's hard to look at something. You don't like something that makes you uncomfortable. You say could have started in elementary school when you were shuttled back and forth between divorced parents, it could have started high school I was never told I was pretty smarter. Athletic. However, I was always complimented on how much did and how much I did accomplish. I. Think I started to identify myself as one who could rise to the challenge pull through an hinch climbed that mountain in high school I was in Chorus Field Hockey Honor Society student government every. Dance. Committee a total baton in the band front I had a job on the weekends I picked up three of my friends every morning. My car drove the school I drove kids home from band practice I began to find comfort in the sheer volume of my life. You say. So now you're surrounded like an attic, you say you began to overcome that you are addicted to chaos. When you heard a friend say that tracy she only thrives in

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