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For personal branding reasons expanded my network hugely by doing. So I've spoken to lots of people that I would've never had the opportunity to just be to otherwise. So it's been, it's been a wonderful experience, some of the ones that stick in my mind. Because I've got a poor memory I would say the most recent one that open source natural language understanding with Allen Aniko are the of Rasa that's fantastic. Technical episode. Looking down the list also jahic Oswald investing invoice for your interest in knowing how the the investment community sees. Voices is a great one to go to. right at the beginning of the very first one was with Eric Bollards. CTO Bat voice who do her speech analytics company in in Paris I she didn't internship at we talk about speech to tax there another one species tax was David borish analyzing the performance of different speech attacks, models, Pablo Arias to my his research with the smiles in the voice. This is a fantastic episode, a lot people referred to. As well so the list goes on more than seventy I speak for down the subject, but I encourage you to go and check it out for dot com ca listen to all the episodes that the last three are a free in their entirety and as a good fifty minute previews of all the rest. If you are interested in accessing the full back catalogue, then you can become a voice tech-, pro. Port coastal comes pro and then all the episodes they're add freer are available for you to listen to the evergreen episodes. There's a lot of stuff discussed there that they really hasn't changed that much. So if you're building at Bixby APSO. So any kind of voice interface, you're gonNA get huge mile volleyball listening to that by castle. We will definitely links to your podcast and website in the show notes. Now, what was your motivation for becoming podcast? You remember the first podcast recorded what was that all about? Thanks, reg I appreciate that yes semi motivation becoming a custody started While I was working in the Bartram being a researcher, an intense lonely job, your site that coating all day you don't really speak to that many people around you, and especially if you're the intern, you're kind of the on the most lowly rung. So people really appreciate that. Often I needed an excuse to go and speak to the people around me and I thought I can do a podcast an entity that offers them some value straight off the bat and Anka's minute skews so. Did that I contacted a few of the people in the lab and there were into the idea Pablo Arias was one of them as I just mentioned and the first person I actually was mentioned Eric Ballo who had already done an internship with a voice as we were talking about speech to tackle the different speech to text muddles the open source tools that you can use to create your own text models. He was training a model in English and in French specifically around I think at the time, it was around sales predictions WHO's working on call center data. To speakers with the customer, doing most of the speaking and so we were analyzing the speech there to detect whether the customer is likely to buy at the end of the conversation because it helps center agents determine if they want to continue with the coal, if he's going to be a lucrative call or not, and also trying to model when I worked on agenda detection just as he if we can detect whether it was a male or female voice speaking, and so that was a really interesting experience. I remember I was quite nervous when I recorded that. I One I remember I was sitting in my Chad old bunched up with sitting with my knees pressed up to my chest and my voice was very small sound, very quiet on the podcast these days up to always have to sit up and project so lot changed over the seventy episodes. But it's a great experience and I tell you it really did work from a networking point of view after I after recorded the first six or seven episodes interviewing people in my immediate network. Then I started getting approach by companies left and right and it snowballed from that. A question I hear often is, how do I get started podcasting? What advice would you have perspiring podcasters? I've got plenty of advice for the budding podcast is because I've come through the Janney myself I'll it down to three basic ones. The first one is just to stop as soon as you feel like you might want to do a podcast. The best thing to do is just give it a go find one person right down a few questions and ask those questions have a conversation with them. Because you're not sure whether you like it, you're never be perfect the first time you try it. So the the way to get better as starting immediately. and. It's great fun as well. You might just get the bug as soon as you've done one interview and it sounds half decent. Then you'll have other people who'd be interested. You can use that as evidence that you're you're serious and you'll find much easy to get guests stay just start with one at least at the beginning in terms of releasing it won t the.

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