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Yeah mclovin so i appreciate coach k obviously and i put while ez even though his name starts with an s that allowed it's okay i knew who you were talking about s z c z that's how we start serbia course yeah e r b i a k we see chefs get lot more mclovin i wants to get higher for job had to take a sports test where i dispell all these names and i knew it was coming and i knew to memorize chef ski on every editing tesha ever take you know when i interviewed at espn the guy asked me to spell buccaneers and i froze i got it i want to just go be ucs but as you see a an like i think it's too seized young i don't remember two ends that c e r s i why would they ask you to spill book and ears you know this guy they gave me a sports quiz this guy in radio yeah with the bad ties to seize the bad moss talk about it when he gave me a verbal sports quiz as my final part of the day when i interviewed you miss all this being talent and we had to do these things it's to seize one i remember you know these college kids who came in and you'd have to take a test and it'd be like a the visit trophy is handed out for who for what can you name this is the one can you name the brewers bullpen.

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