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Time now to welcome in Julie Foudy to the show, Julie, we missed you last night. You were pretty busy covering the US, France match a where do we find you today? Well, I'm happy to report. My family arrived yesterday today is a day off after I hotel about three thirty AM and I'm on literally on top of the Eiffel tower. Sierran kappa. Hey. It's crazy. Out timing wise when our time has to do the cast, I was like, well, I'm gonna do it from the job then between you. How did we get a signal between you and me a ham? You guys are the best humble braggers, I have ever been friends with, like everything's like. And you're not being leg snooty about it. But it's like humble, brag away sisters humble bag away. Dear I caught the three thirty AM hotel arrival also in that note, Julie, obviously an amazing night on amazing that, hey, we didn't get a chance to hear from you on this podcast. But Kate, and I heard from you on ESPN NFC and for the folks that didn't catch that hit could you just kind of recap off the field like the atmosphere? What the event was like. Oh my gosh. It literally was an and I've either played or covered every World Cup. There's been Kate. You're almost the same, and we've been to a lot of women's soccer matches. A lot of men's World Cup matches. That was an environment. I have never experienced before in particularly for women's World Cup. It was just electric the place was crazy. It was saying Bill have like fifty thousand Americans in their seats about forty five a little over and you probably had about a third of the stadium where American you couldn't hear them at all. It was during the French national anthem flags waving. They're all singing. It was an and then the first five minutes of that maj, anytime, the French even touched the ball, the place would go crazy. And that's why as I was saying last night that Megan repeal goal in the fifth minute was so huge because it totally took the air out of that stadium for France and I had her and the. Same thing in the second half. When she scored in the sixty fifth minute, I think it was. You know they were starting to get a little momentum in that hap- again the stadium was back in it, it was loud. It was roaring and then she puts another goal in. I mean literally my kids were at the game. And they were like mom was in Spain. Like I know. It was some special we just got a witness. It's interesting, you know, to hear her talk about Kate the atmosphere, because we heard it yesterday from Julian Laurent are French football expert who works for ESPN NFC. You know, he's covered games in Paris, his whole life PS g matches French national team matches. And he said, that stadium never been like that on yesterday show. That's that's how crazy it really was. Right. And that says a lot because I've actually been to a PS g match when there was a riot going on. And that Jillian happened to be at. So I think that was for him to say that, that's a testament and with Foudy I mean she's actually experienced it. Do you think any of the players on the US side were actually negatively impacted? I think someone like Megan repeat on Morgan thrive in that moment. Add the added distraction of the Trump tweets I think I'm not surprised Meghan Regino had the night that she did. But do you think any of the other players might have struggled? It's the first game we've seen Roosevelt struggling, I thought and you know, I don't know if that was a consequence of the environment or just the French being good. But I thought you know, for how good she's been this tournament as we've seen. I thought she struggled in that game I thought Tobin heath was a bit quiet, but I, I'm not sure I get the sense. I'm not sure it's the case of atmosphere. I get the sense that this group is loving that. And you know as we've talked about all tournament. They're embracing it and they're fine with it. And I mean for Meghan repay no after the week, she had to put into goals and do it in the fashion. She did.

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