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In the espn abc zeke you'll elliott is out in dallas tyron taylor is out in buffalo different reason this may be the most we've talked about a guy named peter instance johnno hurley was on seinfeld with that reoccurring role but nathan peterman fifth round pick gets the start this week for the bills espn build reporter mike ruddock pills players learned of tyron taylor's ben chang at a meeting on wednesday morning in a feeling around the rome was one of surprise at five and four the bills are still in the playoff hunt in fact they would make the post season if the regular season ended today running back with sean mccoy pointed to the entire offense as being at fault for some of the struggles on that side of the ball but said the bills must move forward with nathan peterman at back the bills are used to moving forward this season since shaw mcdermott took over coach in january the team has made seven trades including dealing away sammy watkins in august and also dealing away marcel is in october in each case the bills had an initial shock impact to their locker room but they got over it in the case of walk into the bill started five in two of the season before slipping the past two games and now the bills must rebound this season under over key quarterback inflows lost two straight taylor has overseen rockets at ranked twenty eight years record of twenty an 18 as build starter last week in perhaps his worst performance nine of eighteen for fifty six yards and interception against the saints after a field goal on buffalo's opening drive the bills did not cross midfield on their next eight possessions speaking of quarterbacks this weekend it's case keen them for the vikings even though teddy bridgewater is healthy and ready to go cater them doesn't see that as a distraction well let's let's talk about i mean i'm i'm trying to i'm trying to win volumes on i'm doing the best i can and uh you know that shown up every day into doing my job let's protecting the football recess learn from our mistakes let's continue to do things well that i'd do well but um you know i think all that stuff that's just storylines be guest talk about so i don't pay attention to it he them leading.

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