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News seven and thirteen thirty K. E. N. S. S. news at two o'clock I'm Ted Woodward currently in Wichita we have scattered light rain a gusty wind out of the north west it is forty five degrees we're looking for an overnight low tonight on the twenty eighth we're expecting a rain snow mix by this evening the prosecution still under way the Senate trial of president trump's impeachment else managers on day two are presenting their case on article one of their impeachment case against the president impeachment manager Jerry Nadler took the lead the president may commit an impeachable abuse of power in two different ways by engaging in clearly forbidden acts or by taking actions that that are allowed but for reasons that are not allowed for instance to obtain corrupted private benefits Nadler played a clip of Alan Dershowitz one of the president's impeachment lawyers expressing the view in nineteen ninety eight that a president could be impeached for abuse of power without the president committing an underlying crime at the White House John decker fox news longtime newsman Wichita native Jim Lehrer has passed away longtime PBS newshour anchor and co founder Jim Lehrer has died Lehrer passed away peacefully in his sleep according to the network the anchor alongside Robert macneil founded the program in nineteen seventy five Clare served as anchor of the news hour for thirty six years before retiring in twenty eleven PBS president Pollock in a statement added Jim exemplified excellence in journalism a true giant in news and public affairs Lehrer interview numerous leading figures including Margaret Thatcher and Jordan's King Abdullah he moderated a total of twelve debates more than any other person in U. S. history author twenty novels three memoirs and several plays shop Lino fox news the family of Neil Armstrong the first man to step foot on the moon is donating two items from Armstrong's personal collection to the compost fear space museum in Hutchinson the items are a four by six inch U. S. flag and a small piece of fabric from the weighing of the Wright flyer the first flying machine built by the Wright brothers both of those items were taken aboard the Apollo eleven mission that reached the moon in nineteen sixty nine Armstrong's two sons donated the artifacts which will be put on public display at the museum in Hutchinson later this year we will stay breezy in Wichita this afternoon with occasional rain or high in the low forties the rain will mix with some light snow at times increasing this evening or low twenty eight not expecting much in the way of accumulation most of that should be off to our east it's going to be sunny on Friday with a high forty one forty six on Saturday im Kay and assess media also stand holiday currently in Wichita with the wind out of the northwest gusting up to twenty nine miles per hour we have some scattered light rain in the area it is forty five degrees ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. N. S. S. news I'm Ted Woodward the impeachment trial continues don't miss Sean Hannity next on take an SS Stephen Ted.

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