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Been like a four point favorite couple of weeks ago. So the Pittsburgh Steelers in Tampa, I kind of like what your headset Sylviane that one. But my like I'm going to go with the New Orleans Saints. They're playing the falcons at Mercedes Benz dome. They're getting three points, and I think without Dion Jones without gown. Neil. I think the Atlanta Falcons defense is there for the taking. I think the saints cover three. And I think they went out. I don't know who the saints are anymore. I know that Todd Todd Furman likes this. Thanks this week as well. Lanta though. No, you're right. No. And and the saints are getting three points. They don't call. Do they call? They're building the Mercedes. That that's where the saints with the saints play on site. You are correct. This is in Atlanta. Mistake. I don't wanna Georgia Dome either anymore. I'm sorry. My bed and Abdullah's. Like, I have it right here. Waiting for the Email to work? Sorry bear with me waiting waiting. Now. You're the winner. Anyway. Yeah. Love is I've been saying all week. And I love the bears. I don't care if the number is I guess on Bova, which is our official line. It's six I see it in five everywhere else. But I don't care because I have the bears winning twenty seven to ten on love the bears go into the desert a place. I like to call Chicago west. Yes. For the mayor of the areas not going to be there. He'll be in his house routing on the bears the bears. Look, I don't believe in the cardinals. I love the bears. My love is skins. They are a home dog too. The packers. The Packers are going to stumble. One of these games with an injured knee.

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