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When you need an expert top, navigate the home loan process. Rocket cat. All right, Speaking of navigating a process that's one of the things Going to talk about with our next guest. Yeah, we'll talk about some stuff on the field, and this will have an effect on the field. But it'll be judgment by those not playing the game. A k A. D Umpires are Major league baseball. He knows what I'm talking about. We're going to get into it. With Bob Nightengale Lead at LB, MLB columnist for USA Today and Oddity. MLB Insider. Bobby Jodi McKay, How you doing? But Yeah. Doing great, Johnny. Thanks. I appreciate you coming on board. Yes, all the talk about Major League Baseball is up foreign substances. It used to be steroids. Now it's rising mixed with sticker mixed with spiders stuff. It's a major mess that made your league baseball is dealing with. Um and it will be implemented this upcoming week there will actually start to be penalties. What we talk about the penalties and the like as we get to a point where the umpire is really aren't even cracking down yet. How would you suggest Major League Baseball has handled this news controversy to this point? Well, I think Major league baseball you know in, you know, back in March, they told the pictures, almost a warning. We're gonna be confident, said concerts. King Baseball's We're going away. Uh, look at video. Look, it spin rates. And, uh, you know, we'll see if we have to take action. So in the mountain the last two months and it was out of control and the guys were cheating, right left every single team. Was cheating at some at some point, at least at least one picture and every team, if not a lot more. And you know, as you saw the offenses were abysmal, you know, 2 32 batting average. They're striking out like Nolan Ryan was on the mountain. Every single game so they had They had to do something. You know they they they probably sit back now and second guess themselves. Say she's done it from the get go. So they said, You know what? You know You guys had your chance. No pine tar, no sunscreen. You use a rising bad, but you know, rising back on the mound, and that's it. And that is what they're going to crack down, too. But you're right in that they gave them a warning in the season. And it took him 50 games basically, before they reacted if they knew that there was the possibility that there were multiple guys on teams cheating Did that It was that they need a big enough sample size of struggling offensive teams before they decided to act. Why do you think it took them so long to get to a point where, as of next week and again dragged their feet for the last two weeks? Why do you think it took him so long to actually take action? Well, they didn't want to. Just wait a little bit like, okay. It was called Is the cold weather thing? Well, hitters adjust. Uh, you know, we get some more warnings. What pictures? Adjust And nothing was changing. It was just getting worse and worse. So I think baseball says enough enough. I mean, we just a you know, the strikeout record general coming is like they were meaningless. Guys are striking out 10 15 and night. You know, Like I said, everybody was, You know, no one right on the mountain. It just became a joke. It was a lot like the, uh, thorough it era you know, back in the back in the day when you know we're kind of shrug your shoulders and guys were hitting 50 or 60 home runs. Same thing now that are striking out 10 or 15 and throwing no hitters. We stopped caring The difference between a steroid are and what they're doing now is you couldn't catch the steroid cheats because there was no drug testing baseball could have caught. These individuals were taking some kind of substance out onto the mound when they went out there, and they must have become very skilled at being able to hide it. But I don't know if the umpires just looked the other way. But This certainly could have been stopped earlier. I want to ask you about Tyler Glass. Now. Now I feel bad for the young men held season. He's a great pitcher for the Tampa Ray's, uh, he's got a torn ulnar just did that this week. They haven't said. He's necessarily going to have surgery. Tommy John, they're hoping for rehab and healing. But when you tear your own the most times, it means Tommy John surgery, which means the season probably over to go all the way Internet here, So he has my sympathies for that. He'll get none for his stance that he believed he injured his elbow because he stopped Keating. He readily admitted to cheating and said when the warnings came down, I've been learning to pitch without my cheating substances. And he believes that's now why he got hurt. Has he got any leg to stand on? No, he doesn't. I'm with you, Jody. I mean, you know, so you're blatantly cheating. And no, you're not. You blame that. You're not gonna blow out your elbow and this guy's 67 for her miles an hour. He's been injury prone in the past. So it was just one of those things. It's easy excuse, but you know that that's you know, that's not the reason you know it's almost like now you hear these pictures saying well, We used this stuff to get a better grip on the ball because we don't want to hit hitters. Well, you know what? You're hitting hitters and the record pace, So it's not working. You know, since these guys been warned that, Hey, we're gonna start cracking down. Hit by pitch raised exact same so and nothing do with the grip was all about cheating. I agree with you there. Alright. Another question on this. When we were in the steroid era, and people believe that players were taking it specifically batters to be able to hit the ball, fire there and just drive it with more power. Um, there was also the belief that it helped with recovery and then therefore you could do more lifting and it might help you out with injuries, which meant that people believe that. Yeah, maybe pitches were believing it, too. We all know about Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte. So there were pictures that used it as well, but it seemed like it gave more help to the batters. In this case, it doesn't do anything for the batters. The batteries are at a disadvantage because the pictures are getting such an advantage. Why didn't more batteries complain? Why didn't batters dropped dime on guys that they thought were actually using substances and pitching better than their past? History should have a show. I'm a little surprised that the batter is just kind of Brendan took it. I think the reason why joining us because their own guys were doing the same thing. It's like, Hey, you know, we can't complain about a the Yankees doing stuff when you know when the minister had twins were doing the same thing. Uh, you know, you know, back earlier we're talking about. You know the umpires not checking pitchers. Well, the managers are the ones who were supposed to tell the umpires. Go check this guy just like it was back. Then day when you make a banana got, you know clock Eric, but no manager was asking the empire to check pitchers because into their own guys were doing stuff. So that's why he just what wasn't working was that widespread?.

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