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Well, so are there any moments, I mean, so you just talked about, you know, becoming an insta dad and insta family. I mean, are there any moments from the early days that you can look back on now and kind of laugh and think, oh my gosh, like what were we doing? What was I doing? I had no clue. I mean, I'm sure there's been lots of those moments where I've made some funny mistakes. But I mean, most of the stuff that I think back on is just like their silliness, you know? Yeah. Like I think the first time we took him to the grocery store, you know those bags you get to get like apples or produce. Yeah. They took those out and they put them on their head and they were like walking around the store. There was just kind of like lots of fun moments like that of them like being introduced to our culture, like the first time they hopped in an elevator and it just started moving. I mean, could you imagine I couldn't tell them what was about to happen? Because I knew a little bit of amharic, but not very much. And so all of a sudden, we walk in this room, we press this button, and then the move, the rim starts moving. Like if you don't know it's coming, that's kind of crazy, you know? So there's been lots of kind of fun moments like that. Yeah. Have you held on to a lot to their Ethiopian culture? Do you still eat their food and really how have you kind of assimilated their culture? Yeah. For sure. So, I mean, we have a house over there. They've been back a number of times since we adopted them. Definitely the food, the foods, the easiest thing to assimilate. I love the food. It's super hard to make, though. Like this in jara's flatbread, I don't know. Have you guys had Ethiopian food? I have never made it..

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