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Needs and our wants and very quickly makes us want things that don't really bring us happiness and so it's funny like i have often resisted watching television because for me i feel like i am easily manipulated into wanting something that if i didn't see it i would never think i wanted it but you show it to me on tv and this special. Lighten i'm all of a sudden like. Oh maybe i need that. And so i think that idea of envy powerful in the right way and i think it takes some real discernment to know what's real envy or to say it slightly differently. What's the real desire of my heart versus. What i'm sort of sold into believe in is the desire of my heart. Oh yeah so much. Advertising is telling us that we have flaws that need fixed whereas before retain the advertisement I didn't know that was something that could be even wrong with me. Like oh i got but when we see something. I think that like deeply prompts us to be like. Wow that is magnificent. It tends not to be the things that were like. Oh i could probably use a snuggie around the campfire. Or yeah i could. I could get that shampoo or something. Shallow like that but the things. That deeply trigger outs aren't things that we can acquire their things. We want to be here. And i think if really good advertising makes us think that if we have something will be someone else and being someone else matters so much more to people than having something else. Yeah i also heard a concept about envy. the type that you're describing and it was basically when you think that you look at something you're like. Wow that was. I want to be like that. I want and it feels like it's in range. That sort of envious empowering and we go yes. I can do that and yet if it feels out of range doesn't motivate us. It demotivates us because we look at and go. No way can't get there. Yeah what's applicable versus impossible. And what is something. I can be versus something that i've been told i can't be i think two is that's a level of fear. Which is someone saying. You should know your place and your place is not where you aspire to be and if people can say none of. I'm going to do exactly what i think is beautiful and wonderful and helpful and i'm going go be that person and that's important because so much of advertising and marketing instagram facebook. This is your place. The algorithm is told you. This is your place and this is what you should want. And when we really are moved by actual feelings and wants and needs those don't align with that algorithm at all your keep referring to being the person we to be and i'm curious if that word is very intentional because very often when i'm teaching about values or intentions that's what we're talking about. We're talking about the person. I want to be not necessarily what i'm going to accomplish. I might say. I want to be a person that makes beautiful art versus. I want to be an artist that has five million instagram followers. Other totally different thing which is better get. I think the person who makes the beautiful things because half the time even if you talk to the people who are super super famous or wealthier anything. They're still just looking for that satisfaction of the little flame inside me says this is who you are. And if. I haven't fed that flame if that little wolf is starving than the rest of all of the exterior..

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