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They don't WanNa tell us and I got way too many emails. On people not happy with it changing after we did the SURF report. It would be good in the morning. They would get down there an hour later in the conditions when the sun came up, the wind came up. And that was gone. Jesse a matter of a blink of an eye and they would blame us going the wrong before and so and luckily knock on wood. It hasn't happened very much lately. Usually just delete I don't even respond. Now that you were there in person you saw you got the picture there's photos. Yeah. Yeah. So it's not like want him to come down that up earlier back in the day when there was a forum, you would always get complaints because people had online forum the complain about not right closer and they might. It got bad at a point where I even stopped checking. Yeah. Because people just wanted to complain about. Do they just want it? To. Who to the sailor say is in charge of the weather, which is named herb. There the sailors you know Lance told us this our old sailor fan. There's there's a guy. Herb. That's in charge of the weather. So you thus you blame when things go south, you say that you know her yeah Mr Jerk face. It's his fault. It's his problem. Yeah. Yes. Not Tiny Butler now It seems like the SURF report is a lot more volatile than the sailing. When we're sailing because we're sailing we're looking at wind for a very long period of time and looking for patterns whereas you guys are also. Looking at. Swell versus win and these things, and it can deteriorate a lot quicker where we're not expecting these deteriorations to happen. We can make I think we can make better choices in terms choice. Yeah. A longer term choices what about free diving they ran how does that relate to free diving? Well. If we're free diving in the ocean everything just as the exact same thing that these geyser..

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