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Almost like he starting over. You know what I mean? Yeah. It is essentially that way. And it's like life is coming full circle for him. Because there was a point in time where he was that young guy who had vets on his team that were kinda, you know, show him the ropes. And I think this game is always interesting always comes full circle. You're young guy in the league. No trying to learn your way. And then you become an old older guy in the league trying to show the younger fellows the way. And then you have a better understanding of your trials and tribulations in what the older guys were trying to kind of get across when you're younger, and it's just it's just funny how like six years ago, like how my mindset has changed and how I approach the game. Now compared to when I did then and how little I knew them. But I thought I knew a lot right? But there's just so much. You learn from experience that just can't be like some people can't prepare you for certain things you have to go through yourself. And I never understood that until I got in this position. So imagine by the way, he's been two decades so credits events, but imagine why you'll feel in six more years when you're my age thirty three right? Oh, I'm sure. That'll be a completely different experience. And I'll have like a nineteen year old kid on my team at that point for sure or maybe eighteen with the rule change potentially coming in place. I'll be thirty three years old with a nineteen year old kid on my team, and like just to try to continue to mold them and help them point them in the right direction. I'm sure the game. How have changed again in six years to like the way the game is played obviously now twenty years twenty years ago, Vince Carter the arenas probably were different. I'm sure the names of changing a lot of arenas this probably more bridges and certain cities. The roads have changed the food the type of food you eat the the travel the private jets. I'm sure a lot of things have been edited in in the last twenty years that weren't there when he first got to league. Yeah. Speaking of all the new that's what we would call in the biz a professional transition Tom Brady who is about the same as as Vince Carter against Jared Goff, who is about the age of an NBA rookie or some MBA rookies. What what are you? This up. You know, I like the Rams I think you like the patriots are you sticking with the pick. And are you rooting for Tom Brady to win a seventh championship or six? I should say. I have no rooting interest right now. I haven't put any money on the game yet. But just kind of analyzing in watching from far, I think that Tom Brady's leadership is experienced on the fact that he's battled tested and has essentially faced every type of defense. He's he's phase every type obstacle and has answered the call time and time again, I think he'll be prepared and having lost the Super Bowl last year. I think that that of haunt him and will drive motivate him to win this this upcoming Super Bowl. And I think the Rams are great team. I think that their position to to do some great things they have a tremendous defense. Tremendous offensive coordinator and head coach and golf is great player. But in this, particular instance, in this situation that experience in that that championship pedigree from the patriots. They're all battle-tested. They've all been there before. They probably have a Super Bowl routine. They're going through because this is like the knife time for Brady in the sixth and seventh time for a lot of those players..

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