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Whose nation this hour I'm Roger. Banish. US says reaffirmed support for Taiwan following China sending warplanes near the island State Department says it notes with concerned the pattern of China's ongoing attempts to intimidate its neighbors, including Taiwan. Wants. Defense Ministry says China Sun, eight bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons and four fighter jets just southwest of the island. China's state media says 10 workers transfer two weeks after an explosion in a northern China gold mine have been provided with food as attempts to bring them to the surface continue. One of the workers have reported to have died. While the fate of 11 others is unknown. Mine had been under construction when an explosion Britt threw it on the shaft is reportedly blocked 1000 ft below the surface by 70 tons of debris. Rescuers estimate another two weeks will be needed to bring the workers to safety. You. Almost simultaneous earthquakes have been felt. The South Shetland Islands in the Antarctica and in central Chile were building shook in the Capitol with no casualties or damage reported the quake in the south. Shetland Islands had a magnitude of 6.9 all the earthquake and chili had a magnitude of 5.8. The new Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, is giving a senior leaders two weeks to send in reports on sexual assault prevention programs in the military. Austin is also seeking an assessment of what has worked and what hasn't. His memo went out Saturday, fulfilling a commitment he made to senators last week during his confirmation hearings. Reports of sexual assaults have steadily gone up since 2006. Celebrities passing away this week. Talk show icon Larry King spent half a century and broadcasting no cause of death was given, but a spokesperson said earlier this month that King had been hospitalized with covert 19. He was 87 Jimmie Rodgers recorded such hits as Honey Comb and Kisses Sweeter Than Wine in the 19 fifties and sixties. He died Monday from kidney disease at age 87. He had also tested positive for covert 19. Much news nation every night on WGN America or go on the news nation. Now, after news around the clock, I'm Roger.

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