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Like kunitz. Kunitz did that to me. But like times one hundred by winning fifteen stanley cups. But henry just gonna win this trade right in your face and it's never been the same. No no i think. Being in new jersey probably didn't help his career all that much either all devils tough great raw. Great good team then. You're not really going to help get career. I mean some guys might take advantage of the points wise. But i feel like there. They're chicago now where they had so much luck for so long and so many things go their way that i think that everybody needs a little bit. Who the devils. Just a little bit. I mean they they had another situation with. I mean at that left them in in a in a tough spot but with corey crawford retiring well hop in new jersey. Right now are speaking of jersey. We had some big news coming out of there this week. Corey crawford he had signed free agent deal at them. In the off season he retired seemingly out of nowhere after fifteen pro seasons including ten times the blackhawks goal he of course won two stanley cups in chicago. He was a too jennings trophies as well franchise record with fifty. Two playoff wins. I mean huge powder of that. Blackhawks swat i said. I wanted to continue my career. But believe i've given all that i can't say the game of hockey and i've decided that it is time to retire. I would like to thank devils organization for understanding and supporting my decision again. He sign jersey in the off. Season chicago just kind of let them walk. Which was kind of odd decision. Everybody off right. That was kind of when a bit of the fireworks happened with leadership group and tough. What's happened to chicago as well in the the initial thought was that people thought they were going to be on the hook for his contract but apparently when they did the last memorandum of understanding they adjusted the thirty five at all the contracts so the devils will not have is three point. Nine deal count against the cap for the next two seasons which is a pretty big deal. Needless to say big time. Because i actually thought i was reading that in fact that they were on the hook for it because you passed the age of thirty five. But you're saying that when they renegotiate and redid the cbi corrected that he saw the right of the athlete. Cory is gonna butcher last messiah. He he's the devils beat right. The athletic he was the first one to uncover that and then cap firmly re tweeted. Verify that yeah. They're not going to be on the hook for that. That really changed a in my mind. And i've been through this on away lesser level way less of a career than corey crawford and i was in sweden but i did go through a thing where you sign a contract with the team and you get over there and then i realized i had nothing. Lapa wasn't going to help team. I didn't love the game now. Not putting words in corey crawford. I don't who knows what he's going through. I know he did make one statement. But if you're mentally not there anymore and you can't even picture yourself getting up and going doing what it needs needs to be done to get ready to play games. It doesn't really matter the situation now. You feel so bad these. I felt so bad. I signed in sweden. And you're only allowed a certain on imports. And i remember saying to the gm. Like i apologize. So i i Obviously giving you back every cent you've given me so far. I know i'm putting you in an awful position. But i just i don't have it anymore and the guy was so good in sweden politics. You're not remembering his name but he he said i completely understand. You probably saw bad. I was to say yeah go ahead and do all the.

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