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And listened to the information that was put out there again i have i have access to the same information that you do it's just that some people do it in some people doubt i run this thirty day coach training university is what i call it right and people join my team and a combination and a tell me either amazing big goals right that they wanna hats right and so i have all kinds of different people people that come in and the joy and they do the coach university exactly as is laid out and they achieved their goals and then at other people that come in and they never get started or they do the first meet in all of the waggin and then they ask themselves or why is that hirszon successful in the end i not and the answer is always the say i just did what she told me to do i just followed her i just actually did it most people do not actually do the work but they're still quick to sit back and blamed the company their apply the support system when in reality you've got to take a look in the mirror and say is my responsibility to be successful in this business try let's take a look at you know people that have been around for multiple multiple years in the business right in any kind of business if you do not continue to innovate you own a brick and mortar business rate and you don't innovate pace as the times change your business will come to a halt a stall you may seize a lack of growth people may stopped coming to your business because it's like the same they're not getting anything new on maybe you may you when they walk in the door you're just not as excited anymore and so you don't bring the energy you'll run the energy that actually brought people in in the first place so they stopped showing up.

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