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It's bull's eye. Jesse thorn next up on the show. Paul Reiser he's a legendary stand up comic alongside Helen hunt. He start on the hit sitcom mad about you, which he also created. He's been acting a lot lately. He's on Amazon's red oaks on stranger things. He was in whiplash. He's also the creator of a really interesting TV series called. There's Johnny when we talked last year. It had just premiered on Hulu. The show takes place in the early seventies and it centers around a fictionalized version of Johnny Carson and the tonight show it follows. Andy played by Ian Nelson as he pines for and eventually gets a job on the show and this clip from the pilot. Andy decides to write a letter to Johnny Carson asking for an autograph photo for his parents. And while he's at it for job, Andy gets the autographed photo. And a letter he thinks is an invitation to come work on the show. So just like anybody else would he packs his bags hops on the bus and goes from nebr-. Ska to LA and tonight show please. You want to save the tonight show. Yes, sir. I have this letter here. You know what? Time it is short. It's it's five to eleven. Right. Right? It's eleven o'clock at night. Yes. Well, I know this sure isn't starts to eleven thirty, but I figured I'd get here. While you're yanking, my chain. The show starts at eleven thirty on television, right? They don't make it at eleven thirty. They make it at five thirty. So there's nobody here, but me and you and maybe a raccoon. Full rights are welcome to the polls. I am happy to have you on the show. Thank you. You appeared on the tonight show in the p- in polyester suit. At least it looked like your first time around hurting me. Hurt me with the fashion. We should Apollo. Yes, they might have been some polyester involved. Yes, I was once in a while, somebody will post that come across that clip in and I cringe because it's I look like I'm seven years old and my style is so not only is it so long ago that my style has changed. But on that night, it's the biggest thing in the world for a young comic to get on tonight show. And I think I was so deliberately slowing myself down to not race that I'm almost like running like I'm stuck in maple syrup. It was so slow. Man, I was either in some alternate universe or I was wildly overcompensating. But yeah, I like to think we're funnier. Now, let's take a listen. No, no, really why I was visiting my parents recently. Do you know my folks? No, my father, this is absolutely true of my father is he has a new hobby. Now he's got a winter hobby that he enjoys. It's called walking around the house and shutting off the heat for no reason. The man shots off it's freezing, but see, he really believed that if he cuts down his oil bills than starting tomorrow, America's gonna stop importing from the Middle East. It's a great sentiment. It's a nice responsibility. I just I don't know if one person is going to turn around the economy. You know, I don't think the prince of Saudi Arabia's up in his office going well. I don't believe this. It's that same guy in New Jersey. This is unbelievable. Well, I feel like for an entire generation or actually multiple generations of comics. Johnny Carson was like, withholding comedy. Dad, like there's as he has this quality, the very rare quality for a broadcaster of being both being both withholding and warm at the same time. I never found him withholding I, it's funny, I, I did it a lot..

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