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All I welcome to against all odds part of the ringer podcast network in the few days left before the big game. I don't think I could say Super Bowl, but I'm gonna say anyway, Jim Cunningham is here filling in for master Tate. Frazier. We have our he'll producer, Jim. What's happening, man? Not much. Are you doing? Well. What's gonna love seeing you here? And then you print it out all my ads and everything and my props and it was great everything's organized. But what is with Tate? He's fallen apart. Yeah. I don't know. What's wrong with them? He's got the flu. He's got back issues. What else old? He's old. He is. I know he can't get it together. All right. Well, we hope he gets better. But Jim doing a great job. Also doing a great job as always on the line. My gurus of gambling my barons bending, my wizards of wagering my overlords of the odds of the degenerate trifecta, Harry brother Bry and Darren the parlay kid. What's up fellas? What's going on sale? So. What's going on? But well, we have a lot to get through. I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of props. And when I say like part of me wishes like this game. I wished would happen ready. I'm on lock in. We're talking about it all day long all for a full hour many many props. And then I'm like, wow, I need more time brother Bry, you feel the same way. Like, there's not enough time to look at all these props and get them, right? Yeah. No. I've been staring out them for the last week probably spending like four hours every night. I told you guys I thought it was going to have a stroke the other night, just looking at all the it's it's too many. It's you know, it's like you look on one side. It's four hundred another side it's five hundred and I just keep looking at him. Even though they're kind of the same wants to know. And we're going to go over these props. We're going to sit down with Bill Simmons the podfather himself. He wants he wants to listen in and we're going to treat that like one giant shark tank where you guys are going to give us between three and five of your favorite props and Bill, and I are going to jump on one or a few of them. And then I think I'm going to be on bills podcast Thursday giving mine, and my Gary Russell special prop of the year. So bowl prop of the year. But we're going to do that. We're gonna take a ride on the captain Morgan riverboat casino. Maybe we'll read some mail, and then you guys will give your Super Bowl picks. But first let's go over last week. How last week went brother Bry jumped on your bet. I liked it too. I'm not going to say, you totally convinced me because I liked it. It. It was the Thurman. Lopez fight to not go the distance. Actually, I had it to not go the distance you had it under nine and a half rounds. I went with you. What happened? Both terrible losses. Bullshit. It was Thurman knocked Lopez down with about maybe twenty twenty five seconds left in the second round. And then continuing to land some haymakers late and the less about five seconds of that round. So you figure anytime somebody gets knocked out knocked down in the second round. It's not going. It's not going twelve around let her own nine rounds. Probably not even going three or four rounds. So what happens it goes to a decision all twelve rounds? And the crazy thing was Lopez severely hurt Thurman too. And I think the seventh round and and the is just following Thurman around the ring looking like, he's one more big punches ready to stop it. And no didn't that was that was. That was funny come out of that. I know we lost money, but the one funny thing come out of if you could find online look up Thurman seventh-round referee. The referees is in this is from a from a horror film the way Thurmond's like his face was turned into an emoji with one of these Lopez shots, it's miracle..

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