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Scheider yeah obviously I think the submarine and the technology there is far in advance of whatever would be and the speeds it is very fearful travels much faster than they should be but I think thing program really shy to reminds me a lot of my captain actually he he he resides in west in the end in Key West Florida perfect I've met him totally on coincidence the in a partner when not down to Key West but president trusting program it's it's far from it far from being accurate technically though all right how are do you work stay in contact with any of your old the shipments yes you do have you considered yourself writing a book yes but not specifically in the in the submarine department I haven't done that you know you certainly could art yeah but I'll tell you with the hunt for red October and with blind man's bluff by better read this one quick the it's a tough market art as you well know I do indeed but I had considered it I had written there you know as I mentioned I met him when you operator and I had witnessed several on two articles for a now defunct magazine which I enjoyed it they went over a quite well and I had been working on a on a on a on a manuscript the one knows something a little bit different from suffering communications work with a book that I had always wanted to write about survival communications something that I'm working on right now very interesting very interesting arm listen do you have an email address or anything you would like to give out if people would like to verify I'd love to hear comments and and information or answer questions from people my my email address is S. S. radio man at AOL dot com as as.

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