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Front again, that it was an answer to prayer I think the New York Times to the surreal solid. An creating this and it just needed the every classroom. Recent Dane. Lacking, watch children jump have enough. Votes to look up four. They don't have enough black herodes zoning the twenty first century than we saw Black Panther a movie. Where widened black kids could go see an all black cast. In them have a positive role model that. Is Sad. We have and I'm sure you guys know because you study history five percent of women's stories get through history is a white man's story I think we all can admit that very honestly, and that's what we're taught our entire lives. The problem with that is was everything continue ended enables us to cheat committing the same crimes. And deficiencies that we always have. Now. Let me elaborate on that. If you don't know and understand the subjugation of entire race and how it weakens your society. Then what's happened a law will continue to happen in your society as a whole be weaker result. Why women invented the ironing board the curling. The cotton gin I mean. We have all these incredible stories for never taught in school, which means every little girl out there. Is taught basically nobody was ever done anything and it's a lie. Is a huge lie in it subconsciously puts in our white chows mind that black people are incapable of success, which is also a lie. We have all these stories. Of. Incredible. Perseverance they quite frankly or more empowering to me when I. In that of a white man who came from privilege or had the opportunity to go to your bank and get along without any trouble. Like. Hard Sixteen Nineteen Project News a beautiful story Believe it was episode four and five about a young foreign Louisiana had worked his way up Thomas five thousand acres and long story short. Bank stolis land every year, he would go and apply these USDA approved loans for seed for fertilizer for all.

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