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That so much i think that's more jason segel than uh than china sarah marshall been judd appetito because he yeah he did he do i he wrote it i know that for sure i don't know if the directed at our faust showed up todd directing but uh of creating sarah marshalled the director was nicolas stoler but yeah jason segel he wrote it and little hint for my tv themes later forgetting sarah marshall little hint so that's the news on game night in flashpoint let's move on more piece of news this is not as much news is just it's just kind of funny tommy though and i guess you're listening to this astra after the oscars we did not attend the oscars tonight as far as we know maybe there's a surprise appearance we don't know about but i as of right now in the afternoon before the oscars he's not invited and he's begging people to get him invited the oscars is notoriously very hard to get invited to which makes sense it's the biggest night in movies but tommy was always been begging people to go because he obviously was not invited he's not a credited writer for the disaster artist i assume if james franco had been nominated he would have taken tommy as his guest like he did for the golden globes i i just assume that is what would have happened because he was obviously at the globe but a man he was twin mark hamill he tweeted mark hamill ohio mark use the force get greg and i enter the oscars and mark amble being nice as he was like oh hi tommy wish i could help you but i can't even get extra oscar tickets for my family.

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