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We had an absolute blast, and then we headed from there out to Izzy's to go have dinner and I'm telling you, right as we're leaving the Here comes pull hosts and McGee and I'm going, please. This is you cannot ruin the greatest day of the year. And and so I I I almost couldn't get in the car. I'm like, No, we got to go back to the T. V and we've got to give the Giants are energy. But But you know that then what happened happened and all was okay. And I was in with this, too. Is nine education up with you, but Hey, it's like it's like a wild adventure of what Mr Toad's wild ride from from just like this, you know, Put put your seatbelt on, Hang out and let's see. Let's see how far this thing goes, man. Take care. I love you, bro. All right, Bartender. Good to hear from you don in the city Next stop. What's up? Don How are you doing tonight? March? I'm so good. So good. Yeah, you know, like us. Oh, you know, the weekend was just like a watching the game like a heart attack. Watching the game like on Friday and Sunday. Oh, my God. The hostess like a scary game again, you know. Totally totally. I mean, the stress that went into this and it really is one of the things that I'm so impressed about. Over the last 24, you know, 36 hours. Um, to have that kind of emotion. And then hop a plane for a day game in Colorado. Of all places where road teams go to just have things go haywire. We know this For them to look the way they have looked the last two days. I know it was there to best starters, but Man, That's not easy What they just pulled off. It's really impressive that they got to Colorado and have the juice that they've had. Think they were most sort as many runs the way I looked at it, you know? No, I mean, you do that, of course Field sometimes, but I mean, they've also pitched. That's what's even more impressive. They re surprised. Well, yeah, it's just like, Well, there was no contest for Colorado these two days. Nope. Nope. And, uh, we'll see. We'll see about tomorrow. Don, thank you. Let's go to let's go to Ernie. In Richmond. Hire any. What are you doing? Hi, Mark. My started to you. Good talking to you. Hey, it was a good game tonight. You know, uh, Steve Duggar. He really a really like he's a good player. He's a good uh one King. Uh, strike Hitter Orochi strike here and when you get punished streaks, just Yeah. So I got his jersey you as he tossed between Kamsky or Or, um, We're done dealt of Duggar. Yeah, I like David was born on this flicks on the sixth of a month. And a like number six was like number 676. What? What? What month were you born? What month I just had a birthday Q. In June, I'll see you were born not just on the sixth, but the sixth month. You're 66. Yeah. Please don't tell me you were born in 1966. Ernie. No 5 55. Okay. Oh, you got two pair. Good for you. 66 55. I like that. Yeah. Yes, it was great, and you're great host to so I had a friend of mine. He died a couple of years ago. We always used to talk baseball. And he's the only guy because y'all brings ball with because a lot of people I know don't really earn in the baseball and I don't have anybody to talk to baseball doesn't myself And that's okay. Well, my building screwed around because he was a little back and forth on it. Yeah, man, you could always call in and talk baseball here early. I really appreciate it, man. Thank you for calling in Stephen Duggar is one of those guys this year is pretty easy to root for. And if you're just joining us, and you missed him hopping on with us about 20 minutes ago and admitting that it was a very, very emotional and difficult experience when he was set down About a month ago as he's having the best year of his career. Let's not remember or let's not forget how this season started for him as well, which was Really feeling like it was his last shot. I mean, Stephen Duggar has been, um that that homegrown Giants outfielder that everyone's been hoping would show up. For a few years now and at the start of this year at the end of last year really felt like I might have been hit. Um, but he got the chance this year and he was making the absolute most of it. And then he had a tough three weeks and because of a roster crunch, poof, he's gone. And just imagine what that feels like for a guy that that is not easy. But he had the faith you'd have another chance. Here it is and three days in, could it have gone any better? Three triples in three games, including a two run triple off a Walker Buehler in the game of the year. Like I said, Uh, 15 minutes ago. That's how you do life. There did nothing better than that. There's nothing better than having your disappointment. Followed by your opportunity, followed by making the most of it. That's that's the good stuff, man. That's the desert. That's a big bowl of ice cream. For for Stephen Duggar. Um, I think it's been hot. The last couple days. I got ice cream on my brain anyway. Danny Everman, who covers the Giants, for us is going to hop on here. Next mark weather with you on the sports leader. This is Mark Willard on KNBR, 1045 and 6 80 the sports leader.

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