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Matches with the other material because the old material buying one piece. I don't saw it. I don't i just tell him to to the person to the designer to do. You got to do this. Here's the pictures. I need this for this character allen and put them this for this guy or for this woman and then actually to be honest with you and two thousand fourteen. I was in beverly hills. Radio drive over there. And i was doing this character to the melanie monroe. Okay and i have a picture so you can see in my instagram. I was doing it exactly character. The dress hundred percent because she doesn't have very much makeup when we went away dress and then blowing with a fan. The it came on good with the photo shoot so now tell me about the passion involved with you know actually pursuing because first of all you've already had a very successful career with your hair your hair salon connecticut and now you're pursuing these other passions of the makeup and tell me like vet dr. Why what makes you keep going And how and how you don't stop and just always try to make more connections and get more work done things. I'm sure it's very easy to just stop. Sometimes got this new industry. Things got to this Technology computers facebook instagram. And then it's a very very option. It's it's very option. You what you can go and learn and then it's a very very good opportunity. You can go and find anything in the war with you want. So that's myself. Trust me people asking me how many hours a day you work. I i wish twelve day. Twelve hours a day and then when i go home and then i host than some radio station and then i never stopped by all the time i look in the computer. I tried to create something to work something to move forward. Even if i cannot do it even if i something tire i go into computer or go to facebook i found something i collect together and i said okay. This has been done for this one. Even i find no so many friends that doing the movies short movies being american. It doesn't matter what kind i just tell him. Soon as i see somebody instagram or facebook friends. Who's doing some partial movie. Or whatever. And then if i see something is missing to those project new offer you. Oh i just tell them. I'm sorry to interrupt you guys you have. You need to get done this and this and this don't get me wrong and then we have seen type of say. Oh my goodness would you get this energy. I said i have the energy because I love those things you know. I'm telling you anything. I started doing anything i started doing. I do with a passionate with a law. I don't know how to stop. Trust me so tell me like now more recently. You've done You've shot a couple of documentaries for people with your nonprofit organization yes so One of them was purdue okafor. You did a documentary. Which is wonderful. Tell me We'll get you into making documentaries First of all and do you plan on going forward with those type of videos and what. What is a nonprofit for how this is a very good question. I moved to new york in two thousand eight Connecticut new york not too far from here. I used to live in minnesota for a eight years. So when i came here i saw myself. I'm very close to the place. What i'm supposed to be okay with the production of movies with everything right. So then what happened. I found and i tried to create people with a very very high experience like a crush. Nick market towel and myself as a person while like to do everything and that we have through llahu to his assistant and then we start. We start to do why not to start. Doing some shoot for arnold begins right. We created very small production. I eh production. We started production jets. We start we start Actually we start with the one guy who has a belette by belay and then we did some restaurants. We did with Some lady who has a very very high end Campus yell and then we did the shooting with the do a cafe which is very nice to tell the people how we are hard worker and then we've worked here and then actually everybody else who lives in united states. Most i say like ninety percent third generation for generations. They came from somewhere everybody else who came to the state this country the broth something with them right. The bro some talent that brought some profession they brought something something important unique here in then same thing with me and with you actually with your dad to who. They are people hard worker. You dad isn't a musician and the hair industry and the film industry. Everybody brought something. It's very nice for the population to the people to listen to this one and then every everybody else who has a some fashion. The wants to do something. Don't stop just do it. Just can't move on even if you do sometime. If you don't do good try you know you can do one time good and you can say oh. This is not good. Stop then you can try necks the from the most important to take that first step especially in creative fields You tend to start critiquing yourself and you end up. Never really taking that. First step forward and that i have forward is what breaks down that wall. That's stopping you from being comfortable guest once you break down the wall. Now you're more comfortable in one thing to tell you the truth here in united states i found something. It's a one thing very important. It's a place for opportunity. Yes.

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