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To hear side well i mean it's a very important congress after the parody song he sends me another email like this bickering acres totally pointless i mean we should stop right like i i would agree on the same exactly the semi geared award points has not changed in thirty years the player jimmy alpha for the star trek guy or not no no no no i think i was the day i didn't you know how it is when you're a kid and you walk through your mom and dad let's go do that looks like it might be funny she did a video it's not i mean there's also a pretty babe big divide between star trek fans star wars fans if you know what i'm saying is there's not but he can't be both i think he can but their star trek are some people who are vehemently fans of you always see more relatable in kind of funding in in like star trek to too esoteric into nerdy yeah just seem to off from you i could never get into it i think it was once is the archives owned by CBS i'm not sure for starting CBS CBS show yeah because they put they put an online the all access the show well i'm talking six six or seven years ago they put out all of the old star trek episodes online but they made it so there was a sixty minute advertise a sixty second advertisement every five minutes and was completely unwatchable so they missed an opportunity to have a big online asset although the reboot of the movies did very well it did not much behind ones JJ both actually they were the first that i want to watch the first one put out a message house for the good harry harry's identity but yeah harry type but you have to admit that TJ hubbard did a fantastic.

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