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I'm going to try something new with the breakdown. Excited about the breakdowns. Karma's. GonNa get excited about this when bill because people started freaking talking trash on the Internet about dude jd does the summary of life and everything at the end of every episode. Please just tell us what's going on because I have no idea then I pardon me said it's a PODCAST you've had over ten years to catch up and watch these episodes. So what's the problem and people are still beefing so? I just want to double check that you're a forty six year old man who's been in the public eye for most of your life and some common a guy made on the Internet upset you just double checking. Absolutely yes and it wasn't just a guides, girls and guys. Either way. Probably, three people. I would say about six. Six people. Out of the half a million over half a million people that follow me. Plain Old Now So wait you're saying Donald. I'm clear. You're saying that someone trolled the thing you do, and now you're going to change it and you're going to change to what? I'm just going to give a summary of what happens in the episode. I'm not sure. By the way you should do is protest once in a while is you should just read Zack's end voice. As Burr. As you as you told us, they don't really make much sense out of context they're like, Hey, end of the day, the friends that you have are the best friends you're ever going to have. Friends. Things happen. Too much that's bad. Writing Buddy. You're losing half three times. Have are going to be the friend at the end of the day. The fringe you have will always be the fringe you get. So be happy with what you have obtained sub. All you need. All you need is slow motion crane shot and a stat indie song and I got tears. DARLAS ASSISTANT DONALD GETS. Out Works come on. Well, you don't WanNa. Told me that actually you're the WanNa taught me that because. It's no bullshit bill. You don't WanNa told me that and it's it's so bad that I go to other jobs now. And Right. As we'll have, it'll say something like that little be like. We have to get out of here because we have to find a way to. Do something and I'm like we're saying we have twice. Is there another way that we can do this? We gotta find a way out. More, see right is looking like how to fuck. And it's always like I always want to be like well, you know. Legendary. Comedy Writer Bill Lawrence to. You guys. You guys can do l. you'd like you see bill Lawrence chooses to do. All right. So if I understand this cradle, you're just GonNa, summarize the facts of the episode because you've been successfully trolled. Yes Okay. Still going to. Be on the. Bill was going to be on the shot said. This is this is this is what you get when you complain Petulant Recap Right? Right. That's what you get. This is what you complain. Ready One, two three this episode shows every level of the relationship Elliott nurse flowers are at the end of there's Jordan Cox are of the brand new baby face Turkey collar now engaged in a feeling the pressure of having to follow through and jd a single and ready to mingle with tasty Komo wife. Go. That's what I don't like episode I don't. I don't I don't like it. I know you don't like it. For me, I have to be honest with you, Donald. There was something nice about you as this many years later, looking back and seeing the episode as a whole and giving your emotional sort of summary of it from someone who wasn't really to you. What you've said before wasn't really looking at it very closely at the time and now this many years later you're looking back at it and seeing something I I I think that's very valuable and I think. Listen. If you're one of the six people that successfully troll Donald, you can type in code scrubs to sixteen summary and you'll be homerun there or go to Trevor Wicky and he'll brecon summarize for you. Yes. This is what you get for being petty here's. Donald can't ask for this, but I would ask people that are listening to that when they love Donald's. summations to please let him know after this episode that you love the way he used to do it because I found it much more passionate and I love hearing them talk about it I. I like it the other way too I'm not GonNa lie to you. So that was the only time by the we in. No matter how long we do this podcast that is the only time. You will ever hear Donald Dewey True Boring summary Episode I like I like that you discover something Donald because let's be honest you rather on jazz cabbage or playing a video game and not really paying attention to what we were doing. So now twenty years later you're looking back. Walks. I'll tell you know this episode. It really makes you think about the relationship that you're going that I'm going through right now and made me look at that. You know what? I mean my wife and I have surpassed every level of relationship in this episode we've had the kid. And we you know they're growing. Now we've already did the beginning dates. We did the we did the break-up and then get back together stuff like everything that's happened in this episode, my wife and I have done. and. That's the one thing because these characters are so new. That's the one thing in this episode that is missing. If you ask me is the successful we've done it. All these guys are finding each other and getting to know each other. In my taste wife. Episode. This is a really good episode. I. I. I. laughed so many times I. Feel I'm so glad first of all I know that you technically write them all because you're overseeing the writer's room, but your name is actually on this one along with Adam Bernstein who's directed the pilot, and so I was just so happy that I happen to ask you to come on because not only is it a great seminal episode with a lot of great stuff in very moving I thought at the end but you happen to be one with your with your name on the script. So I was I was W glad you're here and Lavar has. Laverne has the best line in the show what episode. Was One I. Think I wrote down that line a good show today show today good show today could show. Yes they. Did six wrote that down as so the show opens up guys with I'm trying to. Go in for a slow kiss with rowdy. And the audiences, the visual makes the audience go what the fuck is going on, and then you reveal the Donald. Is Coaching me because I haven't been with a woman in a while and I'm rusty and he's giving me some some drills kissing drills. Don't way. Left or right right one of the I always go right go right. And I'm basically I just wanted to say out loud that that Bill Lawrence Scott on television network television show that opens with a man French Kissing taxidermied dog..

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