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Outlets pride. Nick so the other i wanted to talk about there was a situation happened in texas. You saw the article on and on the face. Value is seems pretty simple but when you actually look into the story it's worth some conversation spirits girl in the room happen to see a guy pleasure. Himself outer window screamed. Dad came out or came saw what was going on mom and dad licensed handgun holders went out on the ground so that they could detain more tragic. Police say takoff ranch gas station across the street. They followed it. Gets to the gas station he gets. He finally agrees to get on the ground. While the mccolm point while husband's asking person gas station to a police Wife and alleged peeping. Tom are start wrestling for the gun. Husband five shot some of the talk on the face value. Dad shoots evening tom. I mean pretty simple but we have to look at a couple of other things because ultimately the situation was avoidable. They in now. Please understand before anybody for i am not defending the actions of alleged right by from a legal standpoint. They did not need to chase liquor called called for police. May i understand. Safety is an issue but they're both are infants. They didn't need to follow. We are at a point in this country. We are talking about holding police accountable for shooting people and being judge jury and executioner when they did not show while i sympathize with the parents might be clear i do. I can't say that i would not have reacted differently. But when you look at the situation objective they did not need to chase him not waited for police where they could have stated a distance Been aware of him. Rather not the only reason it became an altercation and she became endanger was because they run. And when you are a handgun older you are carrying a gun. You're not supposed to be the one who engage because if you're the first one to engage you're the one that's going to jail in wrong and so look at this from the objective everybody's supposed to be infuriates. That's our goal and i support that. Everybody should get their rights. Do we hold the same. Do hold this couple to the same accountability that we've been trying to police officers for shooting women's buster. Where is the line that we have to draw the situation. I'm against some heat on this but did again everything i said I think that the parents should be held accountable because once you make sure your child is safe once you make sure to. Safety child will secure. There's no reason to chase. There's no reason to go after You could just call the police. Give a description. Go from there There's no reason for you to chase a guy down at all nine whatsoever. That's where that's where it for me. Because i get dan. If i see somebody that's peeping tom. I'm gonna get my child safe. I yes i may try to detain them. chase them off this past. The line has to end this because the in. That's where it has to because it just it muddies the water. If it doesn't right so now we have guy the got shot five times in a situation that really they crossed the line did this guy is probably a pedophile is gonna get to sue this couple and win and get to play being victim. Because they didn't you know they they didn't follow what you're supposed to follow it didn't follow the statute law and when you don't follow the statute of a law. That makes you really look like the bad guy. And like i say. Now there's some circumstances there like if he didn't leave the property death intimate domain. I got your net. I understand that but it. He left property and child is safe. Call the police give description. He ran he read that direction. And you make sure you stay with your child. There's no reason for you to chase. The child is the number one priority in this situation. Absolutely that child should different. Both paris's they with the child mention. That child is okay. Because more likely that latino girl was traumatized all this stuff and she's gonna parents there to make sure she's okay. Now i get the anger anger. I but you can't give into that anger you can't you just can't the and here's here's the thing that frustrates me now. Because of the fact that. I have multiple mental health issues. And i have my medical marijuana card i do not only go. There are some lace at within the grey areas of certain laws. Where i would be fine to carry a gun as long as i don't have might might might medicine and i've had multiple attorneys. Tell me that's the way the legal precedents has been ruled in this state. And that's what i have to worry about by from from normal standpoint. I support any person that has meant good mental health. I i support their ability to carry a gun problem with that because those are the people can get. Make sure that. I am safe right because i can't carry a gun right if some bad shit goes down. People like this that overreact as said of fumbling everything since classes have taken those classes. I've taken goes class what to say because they didn't follow those things this pedophile is gonna end up getting paid even if on the off chance of getting a little jail time for what is getting ahead and this poor little girl is going to be dealing with. You know washing her parents segel's legal struggles the financial struggles. This entire trump is going to be ten times worse on because they did not think. I thought linda hurson. I'll put it back up your game at the hip Yes yes absolutely. Yes back in the day back in. And i'm telling my age once again but back in the day. The first thing we did was not grab a gun. The first thing we did was use our fists and whoever won won by the end of his way and that was it and and at the end of the day you you live detailed the nail. And that's what should have happened here. Absolutely you know. I should have a few times and i got my asking for it but you know what once i got my asking that and froze the most of those guys now. No that's not. We're not doing works. I mean that's just especially in rural areas like there's a beef you find it out you move on I went to i went to. I was world schooled in high school. And i'm talking my graduating class. One hundred twenty six during turkey season a deer season. It was not uncommon. That kids coming out of the woods and the school the whole time. He's already laying right if there was a hundred trucks in that in line. Sixty of probably had either a shotgun. When i was i i. I've made post personal page of a much trouble suicide when i was a teenager when i was a teenager in my house. Couple shotguns couple rifles cutler. Handguns ammunition. I could've done fucked up..

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