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MLK junior date twentieth day of January you're about lord the two thousand twenty my name is Tom Selleck until January twenty twenty one yes in that order no no no no we're here no I know there's a is one of those days is in the well you don't know what's open you don't know what's close most things are closed and the governments are a state local federal they're all shut down banks stock market all that is shut down so it is it's it's it's kind of morphed over the years this MLK day was started to president Reagan signed a law for the third Monday in January which I don't I I know I know I know I know it's a and I I want to get into MLK day a little bit more direct later but this is a guy who was born on January tenth and we're celebrating his birthday on January twentieth and I'm thinkin says it's not his birthday why don't we do it in like March or April what is warmer outside because I I it just it's one of those winters like presidents day presidents day is all you know coming up in the third week in February and people are cold and they don't go hit at the end I goes back to the whole thing about people don't people don't even know what the what the holidays about it's gotten to be that long sense MLK was on the planet earth no I mean it was what nineteen sixty eight so it's been a while yeah and what so we're gonna get the seems like there's a lot of other things on people's minds other than remembering Martin Luther king what he stood for what his ideals were barely anything about the man it's a day off for a lot of people and that's fine I mean everybody likes a day off once in awhile but we just did Christmas and new year's ends in pet well yeah hot I had a what was it ones that's of looking for so I decided to Tampa one of one we spread the wonder we spread these out a little bit more but anyway so we'll get to the MLK day in a moment but I want to start with the news of the day which is Virginia at the capitol in Richmond and I I'm gonna need some help from those of you in Virginia because I they have seen the story's neighbor building over the weekend about the fact that there were gonna be thousands of people gathering in Richmond Virginia and the fact that there is going to be some sort of of violence and that it could get out of control and a lot of hate there's one from actually does S. Richmond braces for hate Americans say race relations are getting worse I'll go wait a minute wait a minute what what do you mean were bracing for hate Americans say race relations again I thought this was about guns I thought it was that's what this was supposed to be about isn't it's a gun rights yeah is is is supposed to be if second amendment rally I thought this was all what it was supposed to be about but instead they're saying all no no no no no this is another Charlottesville this is going to be a problem and that federal authorities are on a word everybody in Virginia is on or so for those of you in Virginia tell me what's going on here here's the Associated Press version of the way they lay this out gun rights activists some making deliberate displays of their military style rifles began to descend on Virginia's capital city Monday to protest plans by the state's democratic leadership to pass gun control legislation several thousand activists mostly white and male many closed in camouflage and waving flags with messages of support for Donald Trump appeared hours before the eleven AM rally was set to begin so the governor there Mister black face Ralph Northam declared a temporary state of emergency I had of this rally banning all weapons everything all guns every weapon of any kind from the event on capitol square so the Associated Press goes on the expected arrival of thousands of gun rights activist along with members of militia groups and white supremacist raised fears of the state could once again see the type of violence that exploded in Charlottesville in two thousand seventeen so the Virginia state police the Virginia capital police Richmond police are planned a huge police presence with both uniformed and plain clothes police limited access to capital square to only one entrance they warn rally goers of they may have to wait hours to get past security screening are the sole public entrance was opened at seven thirty AM this morning that's from the Associated Press so I'm I'm looking around and I see so I'm streaming videos reminds me of that Portland of vents that went that what I was talking about six months ago where there is a bunch of and teeth wandering around I don't know who these people are I I I don't know I need I I'm looking at I'm going they seemed like just regular people walking around now did I see this one guy the dressed up he looked he looked just like a this is my problem with police today they don't wear police uniforms they wear camo and yeah there were that is it's it's weird that big bet best with all kinds of contraptions already so here's this guy looks like a police officer but he's not and he's got some sort of big scary looking gun and he's got the big a bullet proof vest we've got all the stuff that you know he's a wanna be copies one of these guys a look like he is pretending to be a police officer so I see a couple of those but mostly just looks like a bunch of people wandering around it's so I find it really ironic super ironic that there is this gun rights second amendment rally on the capital of Virginia because Virginia is that the last election they have for the first time in decades control the governorship and the legislature is all controlled by Democrats so the Democrats could not help themselves they were boil boil boil boy boy we're gonna past I'm out we don't like guns and so what we're gonna do we're gonna pass all kinds of restrictions on guns so the gun rights people are are very afraid that Virginia is going to run roughshod over there second amendment rights and they I mean they can sue or they can go through the course it takes time it takes money and finally you get to the Supreme Court but there's all kinds of cases going to the Supreme Court about guns and gun rights so I'm the gun brought the gun rights people are worried the anti gun people want this to take this opportunity the government of Virginia and get rid of guns in Virginia whatever you need to do so they're going back and forth with each other and so it seems odd to me that on this day that we should be stopping and thinking about Martin Luther king junior add in the fact that he was incredibly influential in civil rights I mean there's a lot of people that were involved with the sole rights movement back in the sixties but he was the I call on he was the leader he was the face of the civil rights movement and as a result he was the guy who came out and said nonviolent protest but he he was very much in of in favor of marching and gathering large at the larger the better crowds in order to push us civil rights movement get laws passed that were in to try to get some so rights for minorities so on this day were Martin Luther king used large protests larger the better people are freaking out about a large crowd protest in their constitutional rights and so governor blackface is he doesn't care about any of that and he's like he's like some of those old governors from back in the six fifties and sixties why you people can't come in here in protest no Sir you get out of here we're going to allow that we don't like your kind here so they're getting they're getting I made but it's to the point were I haven't heard of any violence I haven't seen any violence I don't know what the status is at three o'clock in the afternoon in Richmond maybe there is some but I find it rather ironic that on this day that we are yelling at the people who want to gather together to protester constitutional rights I just find it very very strange I see a photo of a group of law enforcement and if they are holding up a sign we support the second amendment with an American flag on it apparently it is the Virginia sheriffs showing up to join the Virginia gun rights rally I mean I wish them I support the one hundred percent I'm I'm very pro second amendment so it looks from what I can see that thought that the rally has officially concluded and they did not have any reports of violence or injury I don't know if if they everybody's gone home everybody's milling around it's only three o'clock in the afternoon so we'll see what happens is the best the crowds sometimes wonder they're they're just people wandering around the streets of Richmond they look like they don't know what to do phone number here you want to chime in on this Richmond protest on a day in which Martin Luther king is celebrated phone numbers eight five five two nine five sixty six hundred my question for you is how did this get into where they're worried about race and violence the radio talk show where the data wow thank you news ninety three point one K. 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